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Scroll down for the most recent additions. Applications available online or in the Blake College/Career Center.


Courage to Grow Scholarship - $500; Junior or Senior; min 2.5 GPA; 250 words or less why you should win $.

Quick Entry Course Hero Scholarship - $1,000; Senior; must be at least 16 years old to enter; create an account and submit a response of up to 1000 words on the monthly topic.

$2,000 No Essay Scholarship - $2,000; 9-12 grade; U.S. Cit. or legal res,; register for site; random winner drawn monthly; you can enter once each month for a chance to win.

SunTrust Off to College Scholarship Sweepstakes - monthly beginning Oct 30 - May 14; Senior; 30 winners chosen at random, no GPA or financial need requirement, $500 scholarship, students can enter online once during each entry period; 2 winners chosen every 2 weeks

Student-View Scholarship -  Senior; 15-20 minute application survey about colleges; one $4000; two $1000; ten $500 scholarships awarded randomly 

  Discover Card Scholarship  - senior, twelve $5,000 scholarship awards randomly given; no essay; simple application; multiple deadlines and drawing dates

UNC Chapel Hill Morehead-Cain Foundation Scholarship   Jun 30 - (HS nom due)
Oct 1- nominee deadline
 two seniors nominated by H.S.; dynamic leader who made significant impact in HS; outstanding character, exceptional academics & SAT/ACT scores; full schlrp 4 yrs + stipend
Gates Scholarship Sept. 15, 2019 senior, U.S. citizen, min. unweighted 3.3 GPA, African-American, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, Pell Grant eligible, exceptional leadership, 300 winners per year for full cost of attendance
 QuestBridge National College Match scholarships Sept 26, 2019 seniors, outstanding academic record, low income, 29 partner colleges cover full tuition, room & bd, very selective participating colleges
Beauty and Wellness Scholarship  Sept 30, Jan 1, Mar 31 & Jun 30    senior, female, 500 word essay on healthy lifestyle; 2 quarterly winners of $500
Davidson College Bryan Scholarship   Sept 20, 2019 (HS nom due;  Oct 15- nominee deadline senior, leadership, exceptional athlete & student; one male & one female chosen each year (nominated by H.S.); $30,000/yr; see your counselor if you wish to be nominated
Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards Oct 15, 2019 Latino seniorswho maintain an unweighted 3.0 GPA. Award categories: Bus & Entrepreneurship, Comm Svc, Educ, Engineering & Math, Healthcare & Sci, Mathematical Sciences.  Awards of up to $3500.
AES Engineers Scholarship Oct 6, 2019 H.S.seniors & college students, future leaders, many fields of study (not just engineering); no GPA requirement; good character & 500-1,000 word essay required: When you look back on your life in 30 years, what would it take for you to consider your life successful? What relationships or accomplishments will be important on this journey?"
UNC Charlotte Levine Scholars Program  Oct 8, 2019 (nom by HS); Nov 1- nominee deadline seniors, 20 high achieving students chosen by university; demonstrated commitment to comm. svc, intellectual curiosity and the capacity for ethical leadership; 4 yr full-scholarship worth $155,000. (nominated by H.S.; unlimited number of nominations)
 Chesapeake Bay Trust Student of the Year Scholarship (environmental science)      Oct  Maryland H.S. or college student, outstanding commitment to environment, Chesapeake Bay restoration & comm. involvement, improved environment of school grounds/community, GPA >= 3.0, $5,000
YoungArts Program Scholarship Oct 11, 2019 Gr. 10-12, age 15-18, talent in the arts (cinematic arts, dance, jazz, music, photo, theatre, visual arts, voice and writing); college schlrshps & cash awards up to $10,000 ($500,000 annually)
 UMBC Meyerhoff Scholarship Oct 15 (nom deadline)
Nov 1, 2019 & 12/1/19
senior, $5,000 - $15,000/year for STEM, (science, technology, engineering or math); will pursue Ph.D. or MD/PhD; interested in undergraduate research; min. 3.0 GPA, >=600 Math SAT or 24 composite ACT;  nomination no longer required but strongly encouraged (nomination deadline 10/15, see Mrs. Prochnow). Apply for admission by 11/1 (early action) and for Meyerhoff by 12/1 (priority deadline).
Hazlau/Colgate Scholarship Program Oct 15, 2019 Hispanic seniors, U.S. citz/perm res, min GPA 3.5, full-time student, 2 or 4 yr college, complete the FAFSA; 3 essays 500 words or less; 30 grants for $1,500 each; apply online
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Essay Contest Oct 18, 2019 H.S. seniors,  college bound, essay contest, 700-750 words typed, double spc: "How can we combat, prevent and/or reduce prejudice, discrimination and violence in a new, more diverse America?"  $1,000-$5,000  Essay and application form need to be emailed to
Horatio Alger Scholarship  Oct 25, 2019 senior graduating HS by June 2019 & entering college in fall 2019, 2.0+ GPA, critical financial need (<$55,000 family income), U.S. citizen, community svc.; overcome personal adversity; commitment to pursue bachelor's degree; $7,000-$25,000.
  Attrus C. Fleming Music Scholarship Oct  junior or senior; demonstrated music ability & will major or minor in music; CD/DVD recording of a digital audio or video performance; 2018 competition will be judged on classical piano only; one $5000 award; Apps in Career Center
Veterans of Foreign Wars Scholarship   Oct 31, 2019 Gr. 9-12, Voice of Democracy writing and 3-5 min. recorded essay contest on patriotic theme; judged on originality, content and delivery; $30,000 first place national winner
 Coca Cola Scholars   Oct 31, 2019 senior, citizen or perm res; academic merit, leadership, community service, part-time employment; highly selective (min GPA 3.0) $1,000 - $20,000 awards
 NSA Stokes Educational Scholarship Program   Nov 15, 2019 HS senior (minority preferred, US citz), min GPA 3.0, SAT 1200, 600 cr & 600 m, or ACT 25, ldrshp, major in comp sci or comp/elec engr; $30,000/yr for college; guaranteed employment after graduation

Tobacco-Free Life Scholarship

Oct  18 yrs old, accepted to or attending college, essay contest, 1000-1500 words, $1,000 awarded every quarter.
 James Madison Dingledine Scholarship Nov 1, 2019 senior, academic achievement, leadership, community service, merit based award equivalent to in-state tuition; submit admission application by 11/1 to be considered
Indiana University (Bloomington, IN) scholarships Nov 1, 2019 incoming freshmen, renewable schlrps ranging from $1,000-$9,000/yr determined by admissions application, GPA >=3.7; SAT>= 1220 cr & math
UVA Jefferson Scholars Dec 2, 2019 one senior nominated by H.S., top academics, leadership, highly competitive;  full UVA scholarship valued at $260,000
UMBC Humanities Scholars Nov 1, 2019, Jan 15, 2020 Acad talented seniors who will study the humanities (hist, engl, phil, lang, Afr. Amer studies), includes study abroad - $5,000-$22,000/yr (admission app due 11/1, schlrp app due 1/15)
UMBC Linehan Scholars Nov 1, 2019, Jan 15, 2020 acad talented seniors who will pursue visual and performing arts study - $5,000-$22,000/yr (adm app due 11/1, schlrp app due 1/15)
UMBC Sondheim Public Affairs Nov 1, 2019, Jan 15, 2020 acad talented seniors who will study in public policy, govt svc, educ, env sci, hlth admin, soc, psych, or non-profit sector - $5,000-$22,000/yr (adm app due 11/1, schlrp app due 1/15)
UMBC Center For Women in Technology Scholars Nov 1, 2019, Jan 15, 2020 senior, acad talented women and men to study in IT related fields: comp sci, comp engr, info sys, mech engr, chem engr - $5,000-$22,000/yr (adm app due  11/1, schlrp app due 1/15)
UMBC Sherman Teacher Education Scholars Nov 1, 2019, Jan 15, 2020 acad talented seniors who will pursue teacher educ in sci, tech, engr & math - $10,000-$22,000/yr (adm app due 11/1, schlrp appl due1/15)
Clarence Beecher Allen Scholarship (College of Wooster)   Nov 1, 2019  EA or Jan 1, 2020 REG Afr Amer senior, outstanding academics w/ potential for excellence in college, essay, on-campus scholarship event (330-263-2630 or , $37,000/yr
Ron Brown Scholar Program

Nov 1, 2019;

Jan 9, 2020

Afr. Amer senior, academic excellence, outstanding leadership, comm svc, fin need, citizen or perm res, $10,000/yr/4yrs for ten students
 Davidson College (NC) Belk Schlrp  Nov 9, 2019 (HS nomination due); Dec 3, 2019-application due one senior nominated by H.S., full schlrp + stipends, excellent academic record, leadership, comm svc, extracurricular activities, (5 scholars chosen)
Prudential Spirit of Community Award Nov 5, 2019  Gr. 5-12, legal resident, significant comm. svc activity over the past year (one nominee selected per H.S.) $1,000-$5,000; judged on initiative, effort, impact & personal growth.  Give printout to Mrs. Prochnow in Blake College/Career Center.  Learn more by calling 888-651-2951
Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship (learning disability)   Nov 13, 2019 seniors, U.S. citzen, unw GPA >=3.0; current documentation for ADHDlearning disability; demonstrated financial need; $2,500/yr/4yrs
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship   Nov 13, 2019 seniors with fin need (family income < $95,000), GPA >=3.5, SAT >=1200 or ACT >=26 (must test by Sept-ACT or Oct SAT); Pell grant elig; will attend 4yr college; 40 winners awarded up to $40,000 per year for 4 years of study
Washington University, St. Louis, Danforth Scholars Program  Jan 2, 2020 seniors, very selective scholars program, outstanding academics, comm. svc, high moral character, leadership achievements; partial or full tuition awards.  Apply to Wash U, write 2 additional essays for the Danforth Scholars Program and submit a 3rd letter of recommendation by the Jan 2 deadline.  Counselor nomination no longer required.
UNC - Chapel Hill Thomas Wolfe Scholarship   Nov 15, 2019 senior, full scholarship to UNC Chapel Hill to major in creative writing, highly selective.  Apply to UNC by 10/15; scholarship app due 11/15
Emory University Scholars Program Nov 15, 2019 senior, strong academics, character, leadership, integrity, highly competitive (4 nominees per H.S; see your counselor if interested - no nomination form needed)
Emory University Goizueta Business School Scholarship Nov 15, 2019 one senior nominated by H.S., outstanding academic record & SATs, strong character, sustained interest in business. 800-727-6036
 Univ. of Mary Washington (VA) Washington or Alvey Scholars Nov 15, 2019 senior, honors college program, two out-of-state 4 yr award, full tuition, rm & bd, academic excellence, leadership, extra activities (well rounded); apply to UMW by 11/15
Robertson Scholars Program @ Duke or UNC Chapel Hill  Nov 15, 2019 senior, outstanding GPA, scores, character, demonstrated leadership in community; 18 full scholarships to both Duke & UNC awarded; highly competitive
Elks Most Valuable Student   Nov 5, 2019 seniors, academic merit, leadership, comm svc, U.S. citiz, fin need --local ($1,500) state & national competition ($4,000 - $50,000)- [500 4 yr awards]
Sixt Scholarship  Nov 30,  H.S senior, min GPA unw 3.7, plan to attend 2 or 4 yr college full time, transcript, apply online; Five $5000 scholarships 
Emma Bowen Foundation scholarship    

minority senior, collegebound interested in media, marketing, communications majors, paid summer internship & scholarship, 4 yrs, min GPA 3.0, US citz or perm res, 60-70 students chosen 
 Boston University Trustee Scholars Dec 1, 2019 senior, Top 3%, Average 3.9 GPA, 1517 SAT, exceptional leadership; renewable 4 yr full tuition schlrp; HS nomination no longer required
Boston University Presidential Scholarship Dec 1, 2019 senior, exceptional academic achievement and leaders in school and community; no separate application or additional essays; apply to BU by Dec 1; $20,000/year for 4 years
 Fleet Reserve Assn. Essay Contest Dec 1, 2019 Gr. 7-12, 350 words, only one entry per student, topic: "What My Vote Will Mean to Me." Prizes range from $1,000-5,000; Paul Gunther, local sponsor, Bethesda,
Washington & Lee University -Johnson Scholarship Dec 1, 2019 senior, top acad scholarship (full tuition, room & board), no separate application; criteria: ldrshp, comm svc, interview for finalists; apply to W&L by 12/1
Villanova University Presidential Scholarship  Dec 1, 2019 senior, GPA avg 4.0-4.19, SAT cr & m-1450; ACT >= 33; full tuition, room & board; 28 awards; must be nominated by H.S.; full tuition, rm & board; must apply to Villanova by Dec 1.  Scholshp app due 1/2.
Women Techmakers Scholars Program - Google   Dec 6,   HS senior female pursuing comp sci, comp engineering, or other technical field, min GPA 3.5; $10,000.
SMART Scholarship  Dec 1,  college scholars in engineering, research science, math; U.S. citz, 3.0 GPA, full tuition + stipend & book allowance; pd summer internship, renewable schlrp, employment with DoD. (must apply when in college)
Ithaca College MLK Scholar  Jan 15, 2020 under-represented senior, top 10%, high SATs, leadership/high character, comm svc, $25,000 to full tuition(renewable); essay required
Comcast Leaders & Achievers Scholarship Dec 6, 2019 senior, GPA 3.0+; significant comm service; outstanding character, integrity and leadership, financial need; 800 awards of $2500
Google Lime Scholarship (students w/ disabilities)  Dec 9,  H.S. senior or college student, visible or invisible disability, will pursue or enrolled in comp sci degree program, comp engr or related tech field, strong academic record; ldrshp, passion for technology 
 Sodexho Foundation: Stop Hunger Scholarship  Dec 5,  Ages 5-25 enrolled in school, citz or perm res; volunteer svc to community that impacts hunger in U.S. within last 12 mos. (especially childhood hunger); comm svc rec ltr, online appl., $5,000
Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) (Part 1)  Dec 10,  juniors, US citz,  perm res or DACA; min GPA 3.6 cum unweighted; top 10% of class academics, leadership, perseverance, exceptional character, family income <=$75,000.yr, (prefer 1st gen college bound minorities) 
UMCP Dance Scholarship (CAPA) Dec 11, 2019  senior, gifted/talented dance majors; 301 405-3180 or for application & info; auditions required - auditions are on December 16,  2019; full tuition scholarship; must apply for admission to UMCP by 11/1
 AXA Achievement Scholarship     Dec 14,   seniors, citz or perm res; outstanding achievement in activities in school, community or the workplace, ability to succeed in 2 or 4 yr college 
Study Pug Scholarship      Dec 15,  H.S. student or college student, 500-1000 word essay discussing how a math teacher, a math class, a math tutor, or a math lesson has changed how you see the world around you. One $1000 winner.
 Burger King Scholars   Dec 15,  senior, min GPA 2.5, fin. need, comm service or extra- curriculars; work experience; plan to attend full-time 2 or 4 yr college or tech school; additional award: Whopper Scholarship: US citz, min GPA 3.3, SAT min: 1700, ACT min 25; ldrshp, comm svc, athletics etc + work experience,
Alpha Phi Alpha Ira Dorsey Essay/Speech Contest Nov 30,  H.S. student, 1000 word essay contest.  Top 3 chosen to give speech on Jan 19. Topic is "Achieving the Dream."  Prizes range from $200-$500.  App in Career Center
Imagine America   Dec 31,  To attend participating career/technical college, 2.5 GPA, financial need
MC - Access to Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship Dec 31,  senior attending MC who plans to earn a bachelor's degree in engineering or computer science, includes academic support, transcript essay, resume, 2 rec ltrs, FAFSA (need), min GPA 2.5
 National Wild Turkey Federation Jan 1,  senior, min GPA 3.0, leader, comm. svc., natural resources conservationist, participates in hunting sports & comm. svc, essay reqd  $250-$10,000, 1-800-THE-NWTF
Maryland School Counselor Assoc Scholarship Jan 4,  senior, 300-500 word essay in recognition of a school counselor; two $500 awards
Drive Smart Scholarship Jan 9,  13-18 years old; Create an original 15 to 60 second digital short; may submit multiple times; Grand prize $10,000; over $26,000 in prizes; one weekly random $100 winner
  Elon University Odyssey Program Jan 10,  senior, merit based program for academically strong, civically engaged students who have significant financial need; awards of $30,000 to full tuition over 4 years and include grants up to $4,000 for global study, internships, service, research or leadership.  A link to the app is available to students who have submitted the admissions application
 JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Jan 11,  seniors, U.S. citzen, two Maryland winners based on academic merit & need - $500-$1,000, 3 rec ltrs, transcript, essay, leadership, comm svc; completed applications should be sent to Jennifer J. Ray, 3830 Rolling Way, Nottingham, MD 21236, 443-465-4438 cell, 
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Program   Jan 4,  seniors, with strong leadership, community service, U.S. citizenship, drive, integrity, min GPA 3.0. $10,000/yr/4yrs; numerous awards 
Carson Scholars Fund    Jan 9,  Gr. 4-11 only; GPA 3.75 unweighted in academic subjects; humanitarian in school & community, one student nominated by school counseling office; $1,000 (nomination deadline Dec)  
MC Macklin Business Scholars Honors program   Jan 7, 2020 senior, competitive 2 yr scholarship, honors business program at MC Rockville; min GPA>=3.0, min SAT 480 Reading, 530 Math, 2 teacher recs reqd; two-part appl online
MC Scholars (Montgomery College Honors program)   Jan 7, 2020 senior, competitive 2 yr scholarship, honors program w/ semester experiential study; min GPA >=3.3, min SAT 480 Reading, 530 Math or 21 ACT; 2 teacher  recs reqd; two-part appl online 
Towson Univ Dept. of Music Scholarships      Jan  & Feb  senior, major in music, audition on Jan 6 or Feb 3.
 Towson Univ Dept. of Art Scholarship (nominated by HS) Jan 9,  2 outstanding seniors to compete for Art schlrps at Towson Univ, min GPA 2.5, portfolio reqd.; renewable award; must be nominated Blake Art Dept. 410-704-2908.
Ron Brown Scholar Program   Jan 9,  Afr. Amer senior, acad excellence, outstanding ldrshp, comm svc, fin need, citiz or perm res, $10,000/yr/4yrs for ten students 
American Univ (DC) Frederick Douglass Scholarship  Jan 15,  senior, citz or perm res, min GPA 3.3; 3.8+ to be competitive; test scores optional; ldrshp, comm svc, extra activities; prefer 1st generation and/or fin need; 4yr award, full or partial tuition;
 Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund   Jan 10,  senior or GED earner entering first yr of college; min GPA 2.7, U.S. citz; Asian and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity; must submit FAFSA by 2/1/17, rec ltr needed; $2,500-$20,000
 Delta Sigma Theta (Mont. Co. Chapter) Scholarship Jan 13, 2020 seniors, 3 different schlrps, Montg Cty resident, min GPA 2.5, 2 or 4 yr collegebound or career/voc school, 2.0 GPA, transcript, 2 rec ltrs (one from teacher, one from comm. svc. sponsor), 2 essays and photo.  
Washington Crossing Foundation Scholarship Jan 15,  senior, U.S. citizen, planning a career in service to the U.S. in local, state or federal government. 
 Five awards $5000.
MENSA Foundation Scholarship Essay Contest Jan 15,  seniors, 500 word essay re: career, academic and or vocational goals; grades or financial need are not considered, online application; $300-$1,000 prizes to winners
 Fairleigh Dickinson  University Presidential Scholarship  Jan 15,  seniors, GPA >=3.5, min SAT 1300 (r&m) or ACT 29; essay reqd, full time residential student; full tuition to Florham or Metropolitan campus
North Carolina A & T Univ. Alumni Scholarship  Jan 15,  senior, U.S. citizen; min GPA >=3.0; min SAT V & M >=1000; 3 rec ltrs; for incoming freshman attending NC A & T Univ.  $10,000/yr/renewable
Northeastern Univ (MA) Torch Scholars program  Jan 15,  (HS nom due)
 Jan 1 - admission app due
senior, citz or perm res, 1st generation, highly selective, fin need, obstacles overcome, excellent character, 4 yr full tuition schlrp, nomination required; 617-373-2000
Ithaca College Park Scholar admission app due 1/2; scholarship app due Jan 15,  senior, full tuition, rm & bd +stipend;  outstanding academic record, leadership, & comm svc
Skidmore College - Filene Music Schlrp   Jan 15,  senior, music scholarship: $12,000/yr, must meet admissions criteria for Skidmore + music CD (winners are not req'd to major in music but must participate in ensembles)
Skidmore College - Porter Scholarship (for science & math)  Jan 15,  senior, sci & math scholarship: $15,000/yr/4yrs; outstanding acad. record in sci & math courses; high SATs, apply through common app; must be admitted to Skidmore College. 518-580-5308 or 5292
McDonald's HACER Scholarship Feb 4,  senior, citizen or perm res with at least one parent of Hispanic heritage, comm. svc, leadership, fin. need, transcript, essay, recommendation, will attend 2 or 4 yr college in Fall full time; five $100,000 awards ($25,000/year).  
 Mt. St. Mary's Univ Founder's Scholarship Essay Competition late Jan/early Feb  senior, 4 yr full tuition schlrp valued over $100,000, SAT-1220 cr & m or 25 on ACT, min GPA 3.5; qualifying students to campus for schlrp essay exam in late Jan/early Feb, 800-448-4347
Coolidge Scholars Program Jan 23, Gr. 11, competitive, collegebound juniors, full ride scholarship for 4 yrs & leadership training to any accredited U.S. university; need blind; 2 or 3 awards
Thursday Network Greater Washington Urban League - I Empower Scholarship 
Feb 1, 
senior, Afr Amer or Hisp, US citz or perm res, will attend 4 yr college in fall; GPA >=2.5, resides in DC/Montg Cty/PG Cty; comm svc, fin need (FAFSA reqd), 2 rec ltrs, transcript, test scores, 2 essays; $500-$3,000
Greater Washington Urban League Scholarships 
Feb 1, 
senior, African American, min GPA 2.5, Family income below $45,000.  Four different scholarships.  Awards range from $1500 to $8000.  2 letters one from teacher/counselor and the other from comm svc; 500 word essay. 
Shiloh Baptist Church HBCU Council Jan 25,  senior, DC/MD/VA, member of a church, five different schlrps, min GPA range: 2.5-3.5, min 40 hrs comm svc, 2 rec ltrs, essay, transcript, fin need
 Tom Joyner Foundation Scholarship - full tuition to HBCU  not offered in 2019 senior, attending HBCU, U.S. citz, min GPA 3.5 on 4.0 scale; new SAT rdg & math >=1400; ACT >=30; ldrshp, comm svc, extracurr activities
 Princeton Prize in Race Relations Jan 31,  Gr.  9-12, commitment & leadership role in comm svc project that promotes racial harmony, $1,000 prize and fee trip to Princeton U to attend the Symposium on Race.  800-742-1036; 
Redfin Scholarship  Jan 31,  senior or college student, legal U.S resident, min GPA 3.0, essay 800 words or less on affordable housing initiatives (pros/cons)
National InspirASIAN Scholarship Jan 31,  senior, any ethnicity, 3.4 minimum GPA, 22 $2000 awards and 1 $1000 award to student in DC metro area.
Engineer Girl Essay Contest      Feb 1,  Gr. 3-12, online engineering essay contest:  Write a story that celebrates engineering design and problem solving  (1,000 words for H.S. students), cash prizes, enter online, $100-$500 
 Saint Joseph Univ McNulty Scholars Program (sci & math) Jan 15,  female senior, majoring in actuarial sci, bio, chem, comp sci, env sci, math or physics at SJU, min GPA 3.5, min SAT 1360 (cr & m) or ACT >= 29; 4 yr full or partial tuition awards.
Junior Achievement Essay Competition 
Feb 15, 
Gr. 9-12, residing in DC metro area, submit 1,000-1,500 word essay on "What would make your high school experience more relevant to your future?"
 Grand prize $20,000; 3 additional winners from Maryland $10,000 each.
League of Educators for Asian American Progress Feb 15,  senior (MCPS), will major in education, mbr of Asian Amer club or SSL hrs supporting Asian Amer org; min GPA 3.0, resume, 2 recs, essay, $2,000 awards.  App in Career Center  
 Naomi Winston Scholarship in Visual Art-The Natl Society of Arts & Letters  Feb 1,  Age 16-22 artists, art must be original (realistic, abstract or expressive), U.S. citizen, planning on art career, essay; more details on website; 1st place winner: $5,000
Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) Challenge Feb 2,  junior or senior;  Entries must demonstrate creativity, innovation and a strong understanding of aesthetics. A panel of SCAD faculty will review and evaluate submitted entries, and three winners will be selected from each category.  See website for categories and rules.
 Northrup Grumman Engineering Scholarship  Feb 5,  senior, interested in majoring in engineering, math, comp sci or physics in college; min GPA 3.5 unw; min SAT 1150 or ACT 27.  $8,000 awards
 Davidson Fellows Scholarships  Feb 14,  extraordinary young people 18 yrs or younger, who have completed significant piece of work; $50,000, $25,000 or $10,000; categories: sci, tech, engr, math, literature, music, philosophy, & outside the box; winners attend DC reception 
 Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) Scholarship Feb 15,  seniors, , US citz, GPA 4.0; two $5000 awards; email application.
 Towson Univ. Community Enrichment & Enhancement Award (CEEP)  Feb 15,  senior, min GPA 2.5, U.S. citiz, first generation college student in single parent home, leadrshp, comm involvement, admissible to TU, full-time degree-seeking student, $1,000-4,000 yr/4yrs, 410-704-2051,
  Flavorful Futures Scholarship Feb 15,  senior, min GPA 2.5; U.S. citizen or perm res; will attend 2 or 4 year college or technical school; 5 $5000 awards to students for their individuality, creativity and communication of future goals
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship  Feb 1,  minority seniors, ldrshp potential, comm svc., fin need; will attend 4 yr college, U.S. citz, rec ltr, transcript, 1000 min SAT (r & m only); photo, 30-60 awards; apply online; up to $28,000/4 yrs
Natl Commission for Cooperative Education   Feb 15, 2020 seniors, GPA>=3.5 unweighted, 30 merit co-op schlrps of $6,000/yr/4yrs; student accepted & planning to attend: Clarkson, Drexel, Merrimack, Rochester Inst of Technology, SUNY Oswego, Univ of Toledo, Univ of Cinn, Johnson & Wales or Wentworth Inst. of Technology; online appl & essay
Frostburg State University Music Scholarship Feb 15, (audition) Applicants must apply & be accepted to FSU, will major in music; and participate in audition day on February 15, 2019
Alicia Betancourt Scholarship (Blake Excellence in the Arts) Feb 16,  female senior, interest in pursuing vis arts and/or dance; excellent work ethics, min GPA 3.5 or 4.0 WGPA, comm svc, clean driving record, essay, portfolio or video; $500 - $6,000 awards (contact Mr. Overman, Art Dept)
 NAACP Scholarship (Montgomery County only)  Feb 22,

minority senior, min 3.0 WGPA, extracurricular, community activities or employment, 300 word essay "Steadfast & Immovable", 3-4 paragraph personal narrative; 2 recs; several $1,000 awards to MCPS students. Appls in CC; due to Mrs. Prochnow by 2/19/19 , lunchtime, or can be submitted to Ms. Gibson, CESC, 850 Hungerford Dr., Room 123, Rockville, MD 20850 by Feb. 22, 2019 postmarked.
 Cynthia E. Morgan Scholarship Fund Feb 25,  senior or college student in MD, first generation to college student, majoring in medical-related field at a MD college, $1,000
National Capital Optimist Club   Feb 28,  youth under 18 yrs old; essay contest; Topic: When All the World's Problems are Solved, is Optimism Still Necessary?"; $2,500 prize; 800-500-8130
Nat'l Interscholastic Athletic Admin Assn Student Scholar/Athlete (MD) Feb 23,  senior, min GPA 3.5, min SAT>=1500 (all sections) or ACT 24, two sports for 2 yrs, varsity ltr in at least one sport, rec ltr from athletic director, essay
Alpha Kappa Alpha Xi Omega Chapter scholarships Feb 15,  senior, min GPA 3.0, ldrshp, outstanding comm svc, will attend HBCU ($4,000); several other schlrps for engr or educ majors; apps in Career Center or online;
The Dream.US National Scholarship Feb 28,  senior female, Dreamer, significant financial need; meets up to $14,500/year for a 2 year college and up to $29,000/year for a 4 year college; must be used at a partner college (no partner college in MD; Trinity Washington University, all women's college in DC, is a partner)
A.R.Tilghman Memorial Scholarship Trust Mar 1, 2020 senior, DC Metro area, who will pursue a career in the education and care of the mentally challenged or to aid the career development of a mentally challenged student.  Essay, 2 letters of rec, official transcript.  Two $5000 awards.  Apps in the Career Center.
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Eta Pi Zeta Chapter Scholarship Mar 1,  senior, attends school in Mont. Co., cum GPA 2.5+; comm. serv., financial need, 300-500 word essay on goals, 2 letters, interview.  Several scholarships and book awards up to $1000.  Fillable PDF on sorority's website.
National Hook-up of Black Women, Inc.  Feb 28,  senior; min GPA 2.75, min 100 comm svc hours & school activities, essay, 2 rec ltrs, transcript  
Ivy Vine Charities, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority     Mar 1,  senior, in DC metro area who plans to is accepted to 4 yr college or MC, min GPA 2.7 on 4.0 scale, SAT/ACT scores , comm svc & extracurriculars, essay & 2 recs 
Air Force Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington DC   Mar 1,  senior or college student, dependent of Air Force (active, deceased, missing or retired), DC metro area resident, academic (min GPA 3.25) & citizenship achievements to be considered (not fin need)  
State Farm Good Neighbor Scholarship not accepting apps until 2019 senior,  GPA between 2.5 - 3.2, collegebound to 2 or 4 year college or technical school; U.S. citizen;leaders and volunteers in their communities,fin need.
up to 50 $2500 awards
Arab American Institute's Helen Abbott Scholarship Mar 1,  grades 9-12, U.S. citizen or perm res of Arab descent, min GPA 3.0, commitment to comm svc; two $1000 awards; one $500 grant
 Savannah College of Art & Design Distinguished Scholars Award Mar 1, 2019 senior, applied to SCAD, min GPA 3.75, min SAT 1350 (r&m) or ACT 30; outstanding visual or performing artswriting or riding capabilities; leadership; extra curriculars & awards; $20,000/yr/4yrs if 3.0 is maintained in college.
 National Capital Area Garden Clubs   Mar 1, 2019 senior, majoring in horticulture, botany, conservation, bio, floriculture, landscape design, forestry, env sci; min GPA 3.0, resume, 3 rec ltrs, personal essay
MHEC Guaranteed Access Grant Mar 1, 2019 senior, 2.5+ GPA, will attend 2 or 4 yr Maryland college, significant financial need, max award $19,5000/yr; must submit FAFSA by March 1 to be eligible
Maryland  Financial Aid & Scholarships Mar 1, 2019 senior, MD residents attending MD 2 yr or 4 yr college, scholarship criteria varies
Seton Hall University Sustainable Development Challenge Mar 3, 2019 HS student; write 300 - 500 word statement that describes an innovative approach or idea you have for addressing one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  1st place: $2500 cash + $10,000 scholarship to Seton Hall; 2nd place: $1000 cash + $6000 scholarship to Seton Hall; all other finalists receive $4000 scholarship to Seton Hall
Alex Popeck Never Back Down Foundation Scholarship     Mar 8, 2019 graduating senior from Mont. Co., MD H.S., who notices & acts upon a challenge, injustice, or need for change in their comm, school or family; 2 rec ltrs, extra-curricular activities, essay; several $2,500 awards
 Dwight Jacobus Scholarships (business or educ majors)  March 1, 2019 senior or college student pursuing business or education major, 2.0 GPA, financial need, must attend MD or DC college full-time, renewable, $1,000
American Chemical Society  (ACS scholars program) March 1, 2019 senior, minority who will pursue chemistry, biochem, chemical engineering, or any other chemically-related field in college; $2,500.
National Press Club scholarships  March 1, 2019 For minorities interested in print or broadcast journalism; min GPA 2.75 & collegebound in Fall. 
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation March 1, 2019 senior, min GPA 2.0, child of Marine (active duty or reserve) or former Marine or Navy Corpsman who served with Marines; family income <= $86,000; 800-292-7777
Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults  March 1, 2019 senior or college student from MD, DC or MD resident, citizen, 35 or younger, degree- seeking cancer survivor, or lost/has parent or sibling w/cancer, leadership, comm svc, some fin need; essay, physician verification, rec ltr, commitment to serve 40 hrs comm svc  
Masonic Charities of Maryland   March 1, 2019 senior, U.S. citizen, leadership, school activities & comm. svc, academics, fin need considered, recommendation ltrs, will attend 2 or 4 yr college, 100 MD finalists will win $500; finalists invited to Awards Ceremony where additional $2500 and $5,000 awards will be made; appl in Career Center & must be returned to Mrs. Prochnow
 Polish Heritage Assn of MD   March 1, 2019 senior / full-time college student w/ fin need and at least two Polish ancestors, good academic standing, leadership, & Polish pride
WJZ-TV Jerry Turner Broadcast Scholarship (BCF common application)    March 1, 2019 seniors, MD resident, GPA >= 3.0, major in broadcast journalism, attend 4 yr college; one award $2250
 TOCA Scholarship (environmental)     March 15, 2019 college undergrad, min cumulative GPA 2.5 (3.0 in major), green-related field (horticulture, botany, agronomy, plant sci) with communications as minor, $2,500, 2 recs, essay, new article
Montgomery College Board of Trustees Academic Specialty Scholarship  Mar 1, 2019 senior, min WGPA 3.0, (not SAT scores) full-time tuition & fees  to MC for 1 yr (renewable; if 3.5+ GPA), academic achievement (not need based)
The Fund II Foundation - UNCF STEM Scholarship   Mar 3, 2019 senior, African American, min GPA 3.0, will pursue STEM major in college in fall. 100 Awards up to $25,000 + mentoring and internship opportunities.  Funded by Robert F. Smith
UNCF Stem Scholars      Mar 3, 2019 African-American senior, 3.0 GPA,college bound in U.S. fall 2017; demonstrated unmet or financial need; U.S. citizen/perm res.; tiered tuition scholarships up to a total of $25,000
 Create-A-Greeting-Card scholarship  Mar 1, 2019  H.S. or college students (ages 14 & up), legal U.S. residents, winner notified May 1, 2017; cash award $10,000 plus $1,000 to the school/college; artwork uploaded to website, limited to 2 megabytes
Generation Google Scholarship   Mar H.S. senior or college student, pursuing comp sci or comp engr degree or closely related tech field, ldrshp; strong academic achvmt; underrepresented: Afr Amer, Hisp, Amer Indian, Female or person with disability; apply online 
The Dream U.S. Scholarship    Feb 28, 2019  senior accepted to a partner college; min GPA 2.5 or GED score equivalent to 2.5, meet DACA criteria; up to $12,500, renewable, transcript, SAT/ACT, rec ltr, fin need  
 National Naval Officers Association Mar 19, 2019
deadline extended!
minority senior from DC metro area, will attend 2-4 yr college full time, acad achieve, comm svc, fin need, ldrshp, 2 rec ltrs, citizenship, photo. Awards start at $1000., 703-695-8664   
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Omicron Phi Zeta Chapter Goddess of the Arts Book Scholarship Mar 9, 2019  senior, female, will pursue major in the arts,  3.0+ GPA, DC Metro area, will attend college in fall.  Essay, 2 letters of rec, transcript.  One $500 award.  Apps in Career Center
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Omicron Phi Zeta Chapter Women in STEM Book Scholarship Mar 9, 2019 senior, female, will pursue major in STEM,  3.0+ GPA, DC Metro area, will attend college in fall.  Essay, 2 letters of rec, transcript.  One $500 award.  Apps in Career Center 
 Children's Defense Fund Beat the Odds   Mar Gr. 10, hard working, academically successful despite tremendous obstacles in personal life, community service, resident of DC metro area (includes MD, VA); $10,000 award;  must be nominated by high school & willing to share story on camera for CDF; (202) 662-3612
MELLFIN Scholarship Mar 12, 2019 senior: in ESOL or have exited ESOL within past 3 years; 3.0+ cum GPA, college bound; several $1000 awards.  Apps in College/Career Center
Washington Independent Svcs for Educational Resources    (WISER) Mar 15, 2019  senior with documented learning disability & demonstrated comm svc, leadership, resident of DC, MD or VA, collegebound 
H.S. Journalist of the Year Award Mar 15, 2019 senior, outstanding school newspaper writer in MD, submit 5 articles; rec ltr, autiobiography;  winner of the state award competes at the national level for the top prize of $3000. 
PMI Scholarship Mar 23, 2019

seniors in Mont. Co., collegebound (any major), min 2.75 GPA, one $1000 award, must take quiz about project management; no essay or rec letters needed; all majors are encouraged to apply; appl in Career Ctr 
Sherry Hintz Scholarship Fund (breast or ovarian cancer)     Mar   Gr. 11-12 or H.S. graduate under age 22 ; GPA >=3.0; extra activities, comm svc, leadership; will attend college; lives in Montg Cty; lost parent to breast or ovarian cancer; fin. need. 301-424-0656, ext 509 or email: (up to $20,000/yr/4yrs); appl in Career Ctr 
Metropolitan Kappa Youth Scholarship  Kappa Alpha Psi Silver Spring Chapter Mar 1, 2019 senior, malestudent of color, min GPA 2.5, college bound, resides in Mont. Co.,demonstrated community service, 2 rec ltrs, essay.  Fillable PDF on organization's website
Kappa Alpha Psi Scholarship Gaithersburg-Rockville Chapter  Mar 15, 2019 senior, malestudent of color, min GPA 2.5, college bound, resides in Mont. Co.,demonstrated community service, 2 rec ltrs, essay.  
Maryland Tech Council $4500 STEM Scholarship Mar 15, 2019 senior, will major in STEM and will attend a 2 or 4 year public college in MD.  Five awards of $4500.  Must be able to attend Industry Awards Celebration on May 22 at 5:30 pm in Bethesda.
Women's Board of Montgomery General  Hospital  Mar 15, 2019 seniors interested in nursing, medical or related health field degree pursuing undergraduate or graduate degree; financial need; renewable scholarship (4 yrs); academic achievement; MD resident; $500-$4000 awards.
Alpha Wives Club of Montgomery County, Inc. HBCU Scholarship Mar 22, 2019 senior who plans to attend HBCU, U.S. citizen, demonstrated strong academic skills, min GPA 2.5, attends Blake HS, school and community activities, some fin need, 150 word goals statement; 2 letters of rec.  Two awards of $2500. Appl in Career Ctr. Give completed app packet to Mrs. Prochnow
Alpha Wives Club of Montgomery County, Inc. Montgomery College Scholarship Mar 22, 2019 senior. student of color,  who plans to attend Montgomery College,  U.S. citizen, demonstrated strong academic skills, min GPA 2.5, attends Blake HS, school and community activities, some fin need, 150 word goals statement; 2 letters of rec.  Two awards of $900. Appl in Career Ctr. Give completed app packet to Mrs. Prochnow
Star-Spangled Banner Flag House Scholar Award & Essay Contest Mar 22, 2019 senior, essay question online, 350 words, refer to helpful links within application before submitting your thoughtful answer. $1,812 award; must accept award in person on June 14.
 The Bernie Scholarship    Mar 1, 2019 senior, min. GPA 2.0, fin need, max. family income based on sliding scale; must live in Mont. Co. HOC subsidized housing; two recs. Preference given to students who have performed comm. svc. and/or lan to enter a field of work related to public service.  $4000 awards.
Questbridge College Prep Scholarship Program (for juniors)   Mar outstanding juniors, min GPA 3.5, low income (<$65,000), includes free college prep summer program at one of 37 partner selective colleges (counselor referral required)
Legacy of Life Scholarship March 31, 2019 senior, essay or video contest that convinces audience to register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor, prizes $1,000-$5,000, 1,000 words
 MCPS Educational Foundation Scholarships  Mar 31, 2019 senior, GPA>=2.5 preferred, strong academic potential, will attend college in MD, FAFSA completed, and MDCAPS account created,  ($500-$3,200/yr, possible renewable schlrp; MCPS grads only; must live in Districts 14, 15, or 17, Go to to check. 
FEEA Scholarship Program Mar 25, 2019 seniors, for current civilian federal employees and families, 3.0 GPA min; will attend two or four-year college full-time
Mike Rowe Works Foundation Work Ethic Scholarship Mar 28, 2019 senior, aspiring worker; enroll in approved program, essay, video, 2 letters of recommendation, must sign "Sweat Pledge," show financial need
Army Officers' Wives' Club  Mar 30, 2019 H.S. senior in DC metro area who is collegebound; child of active duty or retired Army personnel; min GPA 3.0, merit based, comm svc; email:   
 Damascus American Legion General Scholarship Mar 29, 2019 senior, 3.0+ GPA, U.S. citizen; college bound to college/vocational/trade school.  Official transcript, 3 letters of rec, 600 word essay on career objectives.  Five scholarships of $1500.  
AgFed Credit Union Foundation Scholarships Mar 31, 2019 senior, write essay on "How can your credit union help you to become financially dependent," 10 $1000 awards or create a 60 second video on "How does your credit union help you achieve your financial goals."
American Legion Auxiliary Damascus General Scholarship Mar 31, 2019 senior, female, U.S. citizen,scholastic achievement, leadership, character, citizenship, school activities, work experience, community activities, and financial need; short essay; 3 rec letters;two $1000 awards. 
American Legion Auxiliary Damascus Medical Career Scholarship Mar 31, 2019 senior, female, U.S. citizen, will major in medical field, may be renewed 4 times.  One $1000 award.
Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC Mar 31, 2019 senior or college student, member of a MD or DC-based credit union; essay, photo or video contest, $12,000 in scholarship awards
Price Benowitz Law firm scholarship
A. Dipietro Women in Business
Mar 31, 2019 female senior, min GPA 3.0, bus or entrepreneurship, collegebound; essay required: If you could see one change in gender inequality in your lifetime, what would it be and why?  How do you think this can be achieved?  410-970-6323,  
Girls On the Run Mont. Co. Scholarship Mar 31, 2019 senior, female, GPA 3.0+ unweighted; college bound, participated in at least 2 seasons of GOTR.  Two $2500 awards.
Omega Psi Phi Arthur Eubanks Scholarship   Mar 31, 2019

senior, African American in Mont. Co.,  min  2.5 cum grade point average,will attend a 4 year college or university in the fall, with demonstrated leadership or community service and who register and/or volunteered with the George B. Thomas Sr. Learning Center. Paper application in Blake College/Career Center.

AHEPA Awards   Mar 31, 2019 senior, AHEPA or Greek Orthodox Church affiliation, 3.0+GPA, SAT or ACT scores, extracurricular/athl participation, essay.
Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP) Women In Technology Scholarships  April 15, 2019 senior, female, min GPA 3.0, comp sci, info systems, bus mgmt or other IT related major, 2 or 4 yr college, essay, transcript, comm svc & extra curricular activities; several $2500 awards.  Apps in Career Center; email completed application to:
Design Continuum Fund Scholarship   April  24, 2019 seniors in DC metro area who will pursue college educ in art/design: adv, fine arts, graphic des, illus, motion graphics, photog, $1,000-5,000 
 Zaching Against Cancer Foundation Scholarship  April 1, 2019 senior, resides in MD; min GPA 2.0; will attend a 2 or 4 year college; overcome significant hardship, medical challenge, and/or family issue relating to cancer. Six $2500 awards
Naval Officers' Spouses' Club of Washington DC April 1, 2019 senior, U.S. citz, dependent child of active, retired or deceased U.S. Navy; reside in DC/MD/VA, will attend 2 or 4 yr college full time, transcript, essay, rec ltr.
 Central Scholarship April 1, 2019 senior or college student, MD resident, family income below $91,000/yr, U.S. citz or perm res, min GPA 2.8, enrolled in or applying to accredited U.S. college/university, comprehensive resume required, one app to be considered for 80 different scholarships; awards range from $1,000-$10,000
 Esperanza Education Fund  April 1, 2019 senior, born outside U.S. or both parents born outside U.S., transcript, SAT/ACT scores, 2 rec ltrs, 2 essays, maintain GPA 2.5, $5,000-20,000
Maryland Emergency Management Association Scholarship April 5, 2019 senior, career in emergency mgmt. or related field (public safety, meteorology, public svcs, disaster relief, corporate risk mgmt, etc); transcript, essay, references, essay.  
Educational Systems Federal Credit Union Scholarships     Apr 1, 2019 senior, must have account at Educational Systems Federal Credit Union (formerly MCT Fed Credit Union), min GPA 2.75, transcript & 400-600 word essay required (8- $3,000 awards and more!)
AFSA Scholarship Apr 1, 2019 senior, US citz or perm res, will attend 2 or 4 yr college Fall 2017, 10-$2,000 schlrps; random computer generated drawing, only winners are notified; complete online entry form.
Minds in Motion Scholarship    April 12, 2019 senior athletes, male or female, GPA >=3.25 unw who participated in H.S. interscholastic athletics during H.S. (online application) 
 Business & Finance Scholarship -ESFCU Apr 1, 2019 senior, who has completed business/finance program course reqmts, as well as internship; must have account with Educational Systems Federal Credit Union (open with just $25); $500
Leisure World Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship (Blake & Einstein HS only)    Apr 4, 2019 Blake or Einstein seniors, min unweighted GPA 2.75, 3 awards of $10,000 for seniors who will attend a 4 year college in the Maryland state system, and 1 award of $5000 for a senior to attend the 4 year college of his/her choice.   2 rec ltrs, transcript, resume, comm svc very important, fin need.  Apps in Career Center.  Completed applications to be given to Mrs. Prochnow in College/Career Center. 
Leisure World Kiwanis Foundation  Music Scholarship (Blake & Einstein only) Apr 5, 2019 Blake or Einstein senior, will major in music education with concentration in piano; 2 letters of recommendation; perform 2 short piano pieces from standard classic repertoire. Financial Need. $10,000 scholarship to any college that has an accredited School of Music.  Apps in Career Center. Completed applications to be given to Mrs. Prochnow in College/Career Center.   
Leisure World Kiwanis Foundation E.C. Elting Memorial Science Scholarship (Blake & Einstein only) Apr 5, 2019 Blake or Einstein senior, will major in agricultural science;  financial need.  Must attend Maryland state college/university.  One  $10,000 award.  Apps in Career Center. Completed applications to be given to Mrs. Prochnow in College/Career Center. 
Miss Utility Scholarship Apr 5, 2019 senior, 500 word essay on "Explain the importance of Miss UtilityDistrict One Call and how it could relate to the career path you plan to pursue in the future." One letter of recommendation and transcript.  One award of $1008.11.
Delegate Craig Zucker (District 14) Apr 5, 2019 seniorresident of District 14 (go to to check) who will attend 2 or 4 yr college in MD or MHEC unique major out of state; good academic standing; FAFSA required; 301-858-3380;  
 Federal Water Quality Association   April 8, 2019 seniors from DC metro area in good acad standing, who will study chemistry, biology, environmental sci or engineering, civil engr, chemical engr, or natural resources planning, will attend 4 yr college.  Essay, one letter; three $2,000 awards
Alpha Phi Alpha Paul Robeson Scholarship  Apr 6, 2019 Afr Amer male seniors, 2 scholarships: 1) mentoring: participated in a mentoring program with a fraternity member; min GPA 2.5;  2) need-based, min GPA 2.5; must submit FAFSA. Transcript, 3 rec ltrs, ldrshp,  and  essay required for both
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Sigma Sigma Sigma Scholarship Apr 6, 2019 senior, male student of color, college bound, 3 short essays on how you overcame diversity, leadership roles, and how you will contribute to society; three $1000 awards; fillable PDF on fraternity's website
 Alfred Street Baptist Church Foundation Scholarship    April  7, 2019 senior, resides in DC area, citizen, will attend 4 yr college, comm svc, GPA >=2.5, SAT >=850(EBRW & Math) or ACT >=19, fin need; essay, rec ltr, 20 schlrps awarded, $1,000-$25,000 + two $20,000 awards ($5,000/yr/4yrs) application online
 National Society of Black Engineers Future Innovators Scholarship Apr 12, 2019 senior, African-American, DC. Metro area, will major in engineering, computer science, math or an applied science;  academic excellence and outstanding service within the community, transcript, letters of rec required; $1000 awards. 
The Links Silver Spring Chapter Scholarship Apr 13, 2019 senior, will attend 2 or 4 year college or vocational program; online application
Maryland PTA Scholarship Apr 15, 2019 senior who will pursue career in education in colleges of MD; min unwGPA 2.75,  must be member of Blake PTSA;  min award = $1000; essay, resume, transcript reqd. Completed app may be emailed to or via mail.  Application in Career Center 
 Black Nurses Assn of Greater Washington Margaret A. Pemberton Scholarship  April 15, 2019 Afr Amer senior, U.S. citz or perm res MD, min unw GPA 2.8, transcript, 2 rec ltrs, resume, college accept ltr for BS in nursing, essay on career in nursing, fin need stmt.  301-512-2528
Joseph Fox Memorial Scholarship for Education    April 15, 2019 senior, Maryland resident, min GPA 3.2, major in education, comm svc in reading/education related activities, will pursue teaching career, three $2,000 awards, comm svc, transcript, essay, 2 rec ltrs
Sandy Spring Civic Assn (Ross Boddy/Carolyn Snowden Scholarship) April 15, 2019 senior attending H.S. near Sandy Spring, MD community (inclg Blake HS students), college-bound, fin need, comm svc, promise of achievement; pref students who reside in 20860, 20861 and 20862. Appl in Career Ctr; 301-570-1560 or
Robert M. Tregoning Memorial Scholarship April 1, 2019 senior from Blake, Clarksburg, Damascus or Paint Branch High Schools, will attend 4 yr college full-time this fall, ldrshp, comm svc, good character, min GPA >= 3.0, 2 rec ltrs, appl, essay that you've used for college application; $2,000; 301-879-1772; appl in CC
Lavinia Engle Scholarship April 15, 2019 female, senior in good academic standing, Mont. Co.  resident for at least 3 yrs, will attend MD college, fin need considered, 2 rec letters, transcript, essay, photo, tax return.  Appl in Career Ctr; $500-$3,000 awards
Worldstudio AIGA Scholarship  April 24, 2019 seniors, minorities, US citz or perm res, artist, prizes range $500-$3,000, fin need, GPA >=2.0, will attend college full time Fall 2016. Categories: fine art, graphic design, illustration, interactive design, photography.  
Olney Lions Club Scholarship April 24, 2019 Blake senior, min GPA 2.5, will attend 2 or 4 yr college in Fall; significant comm svc & ldrshp, rec ltr, resume, essay on comm svc, fin need preferred.  Appl in Career Ctr. Give completed app to Mrs. Prochnow
Rossmoor Woman's Club of Leisure World Scholarship  (for Blake only) April 26, 2019 Blake female senior, collegebound, min GPA 2.5, excellent character, significant comm svc, some financial need, 1 rec ltr, resume, essay; must attend awards luncheon on May 15.  Three $2000 awards.  Appl in Career Center.  Give completed app packet to Mrs. Prochnow
Project Change Scholarship April 10, 2019 Blake senior, community service, leadership, values.  One $250 award.  Apps in Career Center.  Give completed app to Mrs. Prochnow on or before 4/10
Alpha Phi Alpha - Ira Dorsey Scholarship   April 6, 2019 male seniors, lives in DC metro area, will attend 4 yr college, min GPA 2.5, fin need, outstanding character, extra curr activities; 2 recommendations, essay;$1,500.
Olney Chamber of Commerce Officer Ray Liotta Act Responsibly Scholarship April 12, 2019 senior, Mont. Co. will pursue career in police, fire, EMT, health works, public safety or behavior prevention, intervention and treatment.  Evaluated on resume, character and essay.  Awards range from $1500 - $2500.  Additional and/or larger awards may be offered.  Apps on website and in Career Center.
Olney Chamber of Commerce  April 12, 2019 senior, live in greater Olney area in the Rosa Parks or Farquhar M.S boundaries (includes Blake HS students), academics, character, comm. svc, some need, to attend 2 yr/4 yr/college or vocational inst; 3 rec ltrs; awards range from $1500-$2500.  Apps on website and in Career Center 
Gram's Promise Foundation April 19, 2019 senior, activism & leadership among peers in fight against tobacco use; must be tobacco free and have demonstrated a commitment to anti-smoking advocacy; essay
DC Phi Beta Kappa Association High School Awards  April 5, 2019 outstanding seniors, residing in DC metro area, unw GPA >= 3.5; transcript, test scores, comm svc, extra activities, love of learning, essay, up to 3 awards of $1,000
Blake H.S. PTSA Scholarship    April 24, 2019 Blake senior, will attend 2 or 4 yr college, min GPA 2.5, essay & resume reqd, one rec ltr, signif comm. svc. (several awards-at least $400-500); student or family mbrshp in PTSA required.  Apps in Career Center and can be turned in to Mrs. Prochnow

 AFCEA Washington DC scholarship

April 12, 2019 senior or 2nd yr student in community college, U.S. citiz or perm res, accepted to 4 yr college full time, major in STEM program, 2 rec ltrs, extra curr, fin need, in good academic standing
USDA National Scholars Program April 30, 2019 senior, will study agric, food, natural resource sci, or other related field in HBCU, min GPA 3.0, U.S. citz; full tuition, books, fees,, rm & bd for 4 yrs.  
National Student Poetry Contest     April 30, 2019 Gr. 3-12 creative writers of poetry; awards of $500
Delegate Eric Luedtke's Scholarship April 30, 2019 seniors, who live in District 14 (go to to check) who will attend a 2 or 4 year college in Maryland.  Must submit FAFSA by 3/1.  Write letter to Delegate explaining why you deserve the scholarship; transcript, copy of SAR from FAFSA.  Awards range from $250 - $1000 depending on merit and need.  Apps in Career Center.
 Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation  April 30, 2019 senior or college student, Age 18-25, attending voc. or trade school, min GPA 2.5, U.S. Citizenship; apply online
Taiwanese American Community Scholarship Award  April 30, 2019 seniorsany ethnicity, U.S. citz or perm res residing in DC/MD/VA area, ldrshp, comm svc, resume, rec ltr, bio, photo, SAT/ACT scores, essay.  $500 award
High Bridge Foundation Scholarship  April 30, 2019 senior, residing in DC metro area, trade school or college bound, WGPA 3.0 preferred or significant academic progress, hardship, fin need, comm svc, ldrshp. 5-$2,000; 7-$1000 book awards.
Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation Video Contest April 30, 2019 Teens submit a short video about why they think the patent system is important.  $5,000 prizes for each age group: 13-15, 16-18, 19 and over. 
University of Maryland NAACP Chapter Scholarship April  senior, residing in MD, minority, citizenship not required.  One $800 award.
 MAHPERD Scholarship   May 20, 2019 senior, MD res, plans to enroll in teacher educ program in dance, health, P.E. or recreation in college; unw GPA >=2.5, leadership, extracurricular activities, comm svc.
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity - Rudolph Snowden Schlrp   May 1 Montg. Cty H.S. grad; 3.0+GPA, leadership, preference to black males attending HBCU, acceptance to any 4-yr college, rec ltrs, essay, $1,000-5,000 
 National Pan Hellenic Council, Mont. Co. Chapter Scholarship April 30, 2019 MCPS H.S. senior, accepted to HBCU, min unw GPA 2.5,  2 rec ltrs, transcript.  criteria:  academic achievement, community service, 350-500 word essay on "How I Plan to Impact the Future."
Izaak Walton League Scholarship    May 15, 2019 seniors, Montg Cty resident, study conservation or environmental studies in college; five $2,000 schlrps
Montgomery College Academic Potential Scholarship  May 1, 2019 one senior nominated by H.S. who will attend MC with excellent academic potential, GPA > 3.0, U.S. citizenship & SAT scores are not required 
 Brandon Carrington Lee Visual Arts Scholarship (Blake HS art students)  May  senior, min GPA 2.5, talent in digital arts or visual arts. Other considerations: athletics, community service, extracurricular school activities; $500 presented at annual awards ceremony in May. See Mr. Overman in room E269 for details.
Jewish Social Service Agency   May 3, 2019 seniors, $3,000 -  $6,000 schlrps for Mont. Co.  H.S. grads (JSSA Educational Scholarship Fund -do not have to be Jewish); financial need rather than academic merit; (except Gibson award - volunteerism in Jewish community); one application form for all awards
Blake Stage Company Booster Association Scholarship   May  senior, mbr of Stage Co. for min of 2 semesters, min GPA 2.5, plan to attend 2or 4 yr college or voc school within next 3 yrs, tchr rec, essay, transcript reqd.  See Ms. Wagner for app and info.
 Association of Vietnamese Americans    May 28, 2019  seniors, collegebound Vietnamese student in DC metro area, fin need, min GPA 3.3, leadership, comm svc, 2 rec ltrs $1,000; Apps in Career Center.Awards picnic attendance required.  301-588-6862  
Bowie State University Alumni Association May 15, 2019 senior who will attend Bowie State Univ in Fall, min GPA 2.5 recommended, extra curricular activities, essay. Appl in the Career Ctr.
Health Information Technology Professional Advisory Group (HITPAG) - US Public Health Service (USPHS) Scholarship May 24, 2019 senior, will major in STEM field; min GPA 2.5+; will attend college or technical school in fall; must participate or volunteer in STEM activities.  Scholarship includes monetary award, mentorship and possibly externship or internship.  Apps in Career Center.
National Org of Professional Hispanic Natural Resources Conservation Schlrp  May 4, 2019 Hispanic senior, U.S. citz, accepted to college; will pursue career in natural resources conservation (env sci, forestry, ecology, etc), GPA >=2.75; public affairs schlrp, too. ($1,000 ea)
Maryland Hispanic Achievement Scholarship May  Hispanic senior or college student, min GPA 2.5, will attend MD college, significant comm svc, 2 rec ltrs, essay, must be MD resident for 2+ yrs, fin need; $2,000 award,
Triple Impact Scholarship May 31, 2019  junior, athlete for high school team; personal mastery, leadership, honoring the game; at least 62 awards $1000-2000. Questions?
WSSC Commissioners' Engineering Scholarship June 3, 2019 senior or college student, MoCo or PG county resident, perm res, $1,000/4yrs, enrolled in f/t engineering degree program in college, 2 rec ltrs, essay reqd.
 Abbott & Fenner Scholarship/Essay Contest June 14, 2019 Gr 11-12, age 16-30, 500-1,000 word essay contest: educational career & life goals, $1,000
Horatio Alger National Career & Technical Scholarship Program June 15, 2019 senior, will attend a 2 year or less career or technical degree/certificate program in fall; financial need; must be Pell Grant eligible; U.S. citizen; 1020 awards of up to $2500
POSSE Foundation Scholarship (DC metro area) June  10 full tuition (4 yr) schlrps to each of these colleges: Bucknell, Lafayette, Univ. of Wisconsin, Univ of Rochester or Sewanee: University of the South; strong leadership, teamwork, communication skills & academic promise (10 rising seniors must be nominated by H.S.)  See your counselor or Mrs. Prochnow if interested in being nominated.  
Ethiopian Heritage College Scholarship Fund   June 28, 2019 seniors of Ethiopian heritage, will attend 2 or 4 yr college, legal resident in DC metro area (incldg Montg Cty), transcript, essay, comm svc, character, ability to succeed; interview; $1,000/yr/renewable. 
 Big Sun Scholarship (athletic award) June 19, 2019 seniors who are athletes, regardless of sport; essay required; $500
Revive Solutions $750 College Scholarship June 30, 2019 senior, college bound, submit an essay or video regarding how you'd help drive awareness of the importance of performing CPR and using an AED/defibrillator; one $750 award
  Zip Recruiter Scholarship June 30, 2018
and Dec 31
Age 18 or older; 500-800 word essay on "Describe a job you previously held - or hold AND Describe your ideal post-graduate job." Two drawings on 6/30 and 12/31 for $3000.
 Herb Block Scholarship July 7,2019
(fall semester), & Nov 10 (spring semester)
full or part-time community college-bound seniors (MC, PGCC, NOVA & UDC), US citz/perm res, fin need; up to $8,000/yr (renewable, max $16,000); A, B & C grade level students; comm svc, leadership, 2 rec ltrs, work exp, etc. Application is online.
Montgomery College Foundation Scholarship   June 30, 2019 senior will attend MC (min. 6 cr hrs), preferably >=3.0 GPA but will consider 2.5+ and some fin need, ideally citizen or perm resident, essay.  Must complete FAFSA. Online application; use MY MC username & password when applying.  One app to be considered for hundreds of  schlrps; $250 - 2500 awards
Montgomery College Engineering & Computer Science Scholarship July 31, 2019 senior will attend MC and will major in computer science or engineering (min 12 cr hrs), 2.5+ GPA; financial need.  Must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident; must complete FAFSA.  Online application; awards of up to $3600 per year.
 Kid's Chance of Maryland year-round H.S. senior or college student w/ parent who was injured on the job (workmen's comp case); fin need; no min GPA reqmts.
Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund  (HBCUs) varies 2,000 schlrps awarded/yr to graduating H.S.seniors attending 47 mbr HBCUs; must be accepted at  participating college; contact schlrp coordinator at HBCU. (some schlrps for college students)

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