About Our School

Bethesda Elementary's Mission

We, the staff, parents, and students will dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of academic excellence by:

  • Striving for a high level of success for all students
  • Ensuring that the safety and welfare of all is a top priority
  • Working collaboratively to ensure that all voices are heard
  • Showing respect for each other in pursuit of academic potential

Bethesda Elementary's Vision

Bethesda Elementary is dedicated to creating a community of life-long learners who demonstrate responsibility, respect, kindness, and consideration while achieving their highest academic potential.

Community Characteristics/History

Bethesda Elementary School is located in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland.  Bethesda is an urbanized, but unincorporated area in southern Montgomery County, Maryland, just Northwest of Washington, D.C. It takes its name from a church located there, the Bethesda Presbyterian Church, built in 1820 and rebuilt in 1850, which in turn took its name from Jerusalem’s Pool of Bethesda.