Staff Assistance

Bethesda Elementary staff assistants are responsible students who work with teachers and students throughout the school to provide classroom support in the morning as well as in the afternoon.  These students are responsible for helping teachers and students start and end their days smoothly.  They are very instrumental in making sure that students in the lower grades and students with special needs make it to their buses on time. 

Teachers rely on Staff Assistants for many jobs in individual classrooms.  In addition to walking students in and taking them to thier buses, studnets also help file papers, put up/take down chairs, and many other important classroom jobs.  Staff Assistants have an extremely important job to do. They serve every day; no matter what the weather and can be easily recognized by their bright orange belts. 

These students are chosen for demonstrating leadership, good judgment, and using solid common sense skills when dealing with other children. The staff assistants are responsible for setting a good example and modeling good citizenship for all other students. They show respect for others as they carry out their duties.