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Making sure that you, the parents, are kept up-to-date is very important to all of us at Beall Elementary School. This page will provide you with basic information and several links that will hopefully answer any questions you might come across!

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MCPS Student Handbooks including Rights & Responsibilies and Code of Conduct

21st Century Learning- Basic Overview of student technology 

MCPS Elementary Academic Curriculum: English Language Arts; Health Education; Math; Science; Social Studies

Family Mathematics Support Center

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Enrollment Forms (MCPS documents)


Quick Guide to Enrollment New Student Information (form) Student Emergency Information Shared Housing Disclosure
Immunizations  Health Inventory  Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication Emergency Care for the Management of a Student with a Diagnosis of Anaphylaxis
Student Privacy  Free and Reduced Priced Meals    


Loading indicatorEmergency Information

It is important for parents to update emergency information in ParentVue. If you change your home phone number or cell phone number, please make sure that those changes are reflected in your contact information. Additionally, you should review the individuals who you have identified as emergency contacts to ensure that your child(ren) would feel comfortable with them if a situation arose that would require Beall staff to contact those individuals. Click here for more information about accessing ParentVue or contact the main office for an activation letter.

Loading indicator Visitors and Volunteers

Please make sure the office is your FIRST stop when you come to Beall Elementary School. Ms. Astrid Paz, Attendance Secretary, and Mrs. Gina Gill, Administrative Secretary, would like to help make your visit a productive experience and will be able to assist in answering many of your questions. Due to the need to maintain a safe environment, please do not be surprised if you are asked to show identification when coming into the building.

All parents, visitors, and volunteers must first stop in the main office. Visitors are not allowed in the classroom unless a visit has been pre-arranged with the teacher. We respectfully request that you make an appointment in advance if you would like to speak with a teacher, administrator or other staff member. We want to be responsive to your needs, and we must be respectful of instructional time. All parents, visitors and volunteers must wear nametags or visitor stickers. This is for the safety of all of our children! Volunteer information will come home during the first week of school. In order to volunteer, MCPS requires individuals to complete their mandatory volunteer training. NOTE: We typically do not have visitors over the first several weeks of school to establish routines, procedures, and relationships. We appreciate your patience.

Observing in Classrooms:  Often, we receive requests for parents, special education advocates, and
outside service providers to observe a child in the classroom. We are usually able to accommodate these
requests, but we ask that they are handled through the school administration.  Observation requests must be made through the principal’s office and not through individual teachers or staff members. When an observation is arranged, Beall ES provides staff to accompany the observer and a time prior to the observation or directly following the observation to discuss and debrief. We take these steps to ensure that the observation is effective and efficient for the observer and so that school operations are not disrupted for staff and students. Observations are scheduled for a period of 30 minutes, and may be followed by a debrief with the staff member who accompanied the observer. Please contact the principal to arrange such an observation with at least 24-hours advanced notice. Observations are only scheduled at a time and in a manner that is not disruptive to the operations of the building, or the instruction of students, and when staff is available to accommodate the request. Requests for regularly-scheduled, frequent or immediate observations may be refused at the discretion of the principal. For more information on observations and visits in MCPS schools, please see MCPS Board of Education policy ABA-RB, School Visitors at

Loading indicator  Medication and Health Room

Ms. April Medillin (School Nurse) and Ms. Angelia Davis (Healthroom Technician) are wonderful resources for health related questions.

Medication will not be administered in the health room unless:

The parent/guardian hand delivers the medication to school. Medication must be properly labeled by a pharmacist and MCPS Form # 525-13 (Authorization to Prescribe Medicine) must be filled out by a Physician and given to the health technician. Form # 525-13 is available in the health room or online. Our health room staff (240-740-1222) will be happy to assist you if you have any questions.

Loading indicator  Cell Phones, Tablets, Apple Watches, and e-Readers

Students are not permitted to use cell phones or other personal electronic devices in school without staff permission. E-readers, such as Kindles and Nooks, also need to be approved to be used during the school day. Students will not be allowed to use any electronic device for gaming purposes during school hours. (This includes on MCPS school buses.) It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that devices are turned off and out of sight during the instructional day. Students must adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, especially as it relates to the communication of information related to student privacy, jeopardizes the health or safety of students, is obscene or libelous, causes disruption of school activities, plagiarizes the work of others, or is a commercial advertisement. If a student brings an electronic device to school, parents should be aware that we try to provide a safe environment, but there is always a chance of the device breaking or being stolen. According to MCPS Policy, MCPS and Beall staff cannot assume responsibility or liability for loss, theft, or damage to a device or for the unauthorized use of any such device. 

Loading indicator  Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays will be recognized on Beall’s daily WBEL television broadcast and posted on the birthday board located in the main hallway. Children will receive a birthday pencil from the main office. In order to encourage healthy eating habits, birthday treats are not permitted at school. Students will not be allowed to distribute birthday invitations in school. Please use the school directory and outside avenues to invite friends to parties.

Loading indicatorBreakfast and Lunch

Breakfast will begin on Monday, August 28. It is recommended that families complete the 2023-2024 FARMS application that is now available online using this link: If you need assistance completing the online form, please contact the main office or cafeteria. We will continue to implement the SNAP (Student Nutrition Accountability Program) lunch program. It is recommended that each family pay a minimum of $10.00 into his/her child's account. It is important to do this because the school does not loan money for lunch or breakfast. Checks should be made payable to Beall Elementary School Cafeteria. Low balance letters will be sent home with students who have less than $6.00 in their account. More information, including menus and managing student accounts, can be found on the Division of Food Services Website: