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The Principal's Page Newsletter is scheduled to be published every other week. Below is our anticipated schedule. Newsletters may be replaced with Briefs when it is beneficial to share information or updates in a more timely manner.

School Year 2023-2024

Summer Newsletter:
      - Bus Schedule
      - Transportation Letter (en Espanol)
      -  What You Should Know About Riding the Bus (en Espanol)
      -  MCPS Calendar

August Beall Briefs- August 22; August 27

September 11 

September Beall Briefs- Sept. 1; Sept. 15; Sept. 18

October 16

October Beall Briefs- Oct. 2; Oct. 23

November 2

November 27

November Beall Briefs- Nov. 10; Nov. 13

December 11

December Beall Briefs- Dec. 27

January 8

January 30

January Beall Briefs- Jan. 18

February 14

February Beall Briefs- Feb. 20; Feb. 29

March 12

March Beall Briefs- Mar. 19; Mar. 25

April 8

April Beall Briefs- Apr. 16

May 3

May 20

May Beall Briefs- 

June 3