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Gr 2 Email Blast June 4, 2018 

Summer Math Packet Students Entering Grade 2


 Field Trip Thursday, May 24: National Museum of Natural History. 

Second graders saw the Butterfly Exhibit. We walked through a room that had many different butterflies flying around the room. Some even landed on us! We had to be careful walking so we didn't step on any that landed on the floor. We also saw chrysalises and nocturnal butterflies sleeping. We explored the museum and saw gems, insects, dinosaurs, and ocean animals. 


Photo below: 2nd grade students make butterfly T-shirts to wear to the museum.

 Gr 2 Makes Butterfly TShirts for Field Trip


PHOTO BELOW: Mr. Danny Wyman gets birthday wishes from 2nd grade fans. 

Danny Wyman birthday wishes



We have been collaborating with classmates to accomplish tasks and solve problems. See photographs below. 

Gr 2 Q1 Collaboration Save Water PosterGr 2 Q1 Collaboration in Small GroupGr 2 Q1 Collaboration in Small Group Pic 2


Grade 2 Team 2017 2018
Standing, left to right: Mrs. Martinez (Reading Initiative Teacher), Ms. Aumiller (Paraeducator), Mr. Wyman (Paraeducator), Ms. Zajac (Special Education). Seated: Ms. Schneider, Ms. Popdan, Mr. Augustine, Ms. Sage.
Leaf catching   

Catching leaves at recess. 


2nd Grade Team:

 Mrs. Martinez 

Ms. Zajac 

 Ms. Schneider

Mr. Augustine

Ms. Sage

Ms. Popdan


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