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 Grade 1 team 2017 2018  
               Standing, left to right: Ms. Littell, Ms. Zajac, Ms. Burrows. Seated: Mrs. Martinez, Ms. Hull, Ms. Lambert


The first graders will conduct a science experiment involving ramps. They will design and  create ramps to test how different surface materials affects the motion of a toy car. The ramp must stand on its own and the students must be able to switch out different surface materials as they conduct the experiment without the ramp falling. The students will also measure how far the toy car travels when each surface material is used.

 Ramp Building Pic 1

Ramp Building Pic 2


 Trash Wizards(1)

These first grade students proclaim themselves, "Trash Wizards" at recess. Blink once and all the trash disappears!

First Grade Team:


Ms. Hull

Ms. Burrows

Ms. Choi

Ms. Lambert


Mrs. Martinez


Ms. Zajac


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