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Click here for AP room assignments for "regular" exams. Students with testing accommodations see Ms. Evans in the College & Career Center for room assignments.

AP® TESTS May 7-18, 2018

Walter Johnson's Advanced Placement® courses are electives offered to academically motivated students. Not to be confused with the APEX Signature Program, established at WJ in 1996, the AP® program at Walter Johnson is much older. AP® courses are meant to give students an idea of what they will experience in a university class.

The AP Testing Coordinator at WJ is Gayle Evans. Ms Evans can be reached via email to Gayle Evans

Kathy Simmons is the Coordinator for the APEX Signature Program. Information about APEX can be found here.

In May, The College Board sponsors the administration of AP® Exams. Student may take AP® exams regardless of whether they are enrolled in AP® courses. However, exams are rigorous and expensive so students should not enroll for testing unless they are adequately prepared. Walter Johnson has always been extremely proud of the level of performance of our students. AP® score data is reported annualy for WJ students in the WJ Profiles.

An AP® Grade of 3, 4, or 5 generally indicates sufficient mastery of course content to allow exemption from a college course comparable to the AP® course, placement in the succeeding college course, or college credit. Since each college or university determines credit and placement policies, students should contact colleges to ask about their individual AP® policies or check www.collegeboard.com/ap/creditpolicy.

AP® Course Info at WJ

For information about the AP® courses offered at WJ, go to the WJ Course Bulletin Web Pages. Visit the College Board AP® Student page for details about each AP® Course.

AP® Testing - Information & Schedule

Students are required to abide by the policies of both the College Board and Walter Johnson High School during the exam period. Any misconduct will be reported and could jeopardize AP® Exam grades. Students should get a good nights rest before the tests, and eat a nutritious breakfast.

For other information about the AP®s visit the College Board AP® Student Page.

May 2018 AP® Exam Schedule

Week 1

Morning Report at 7:30 a.m.

Afternoon Report at 11:30 a.m.

Spanish Literature
Room 168
Spanish Language*
Computer Labs G40 & 250
Physics 1: Algebra-Based
English Literature & Composition
Japanese Language
Computer Lab 193
U.S. Government & Politics (NSL)
Chinese Language & Culture
Room 193
Environmental Science
U.S. History
No afternoon exams
Studio Art-last day for Coordinators to submit digital portfolios and to gather 2-D Design and Drawing students for the physical portfolio assembly. Students should have forwarded their completed digital portfolios to their teachers well before this date.
Follow teacher instructions for portfolio packing time & location.

Week 2

Morning Report at 7:30 a.m.

Afternoon Report at 11:30 a.m.

Music Theory*
Room 167 
Break out rooms 155P & 156
Physics C: Mechanics
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism
Calculus AB & Calculus BC
French Language & Culture*
Computer Lab 250
Computer Science 
English Language & Composition
Italian Language & Culture*
Computer Lab 250
Comparative Govt & Politics*
Room Aux Gym
World History*
Human Geography*
Auxiliary Gym
Media Center Conference Room

European History


What NOT to bring to AP exams

  • Cellular phone, IPod or other MP3 player, pager or personal digital assistant (PDA). Leave them in the car, a locker or at home!
  • Backpack
  • Books, compasses, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or notes.
  • Scratch paper (notes can be made on portions of the exam booklets).
  • Rulers and straightedges (except if taking one of the Physics exams).
  • Computers (students with a computer accommodation will use a school machine)
  • Calculators (except if taking Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry or Physics).
  • Watches that beep or have an alarm
  • Portable listening or recording devices (even with headphones) or photographic equipment.
  • Clothing with subject-related information

What to bring to AP exams

  • ALL STUDENTS MUST BRING several sharpened No. 2 pencils (with erasers) for all multiple-choice answer sheets.
  • ALL STUDENTS MUST BRING black or dark-blue ballpoint pens for completing areas on the exam booklet covers.
  • A snack and beverage for the 10-minute break.
  • A sweater, in case the room temperature is below your comfort level.
  • If testing in a location other than the audition, a watch WITHOUT AN ALARM (in case the exam room does not have a clock that you can see easily).
  • If taking Physics: a ruler or straightedge.
  • If taking Calculus, Chemistry, Physics or Statistics: A calculator that complies with the College Board Calculator Policy. Students are advised to borrow a 2nd calculator from a friend and/or bring replacement batteries to the exam.

Attendance, Arrival & Dismissal

Students are not required to attend classes on the day(s) of their AP exam(s). The attendance office will be notified of the excused absence(s) of students taking the exam(s). Students who decide not to take an exam or are ill on exam day must contact WJ's AP Coordinator by email phone 301-803-7101 before the start of the exam.

Students are required to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the exams: 7:30 a.m. for the morning administration; 11:30 a.m. for most afternoon exams (check the schedule for afternoon exam report times). Students are not dismissed until an exam has officially ended. Students should not ask to leave early if they finish before the end of the test, as their requests will be denied. Students who play a sport or have a job, are responsible for informing coaches or employers of AP obligations and making arrangements accordingly. Students taking two exams on the same day should bring their lunch as there will not be time between exams to buy lunch!

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