SL Information

SSL Deadlines

  • Summer service - Friday 9/29/17
  • 1st semester service - Friday 1/5/18
  • 2nd semester service - Friday 6/1/18



SSL – first semester deadline--The deadline for SSL hours completed during the summer is Friday, September 29th. This is the last Friday of September. No summer forms will be accepted after Friday, September 29th.

MCPS SSL Awards Process

  • The Superintendent’s Student Service Learning Award is given to students who have documented 75 hours of service in their service-learning record in a middle school year. This award is only presented once.
  • If you think you have earned this award or if you have any SSL forms to turn in for consideration for this award, please do so no later than ....TBD The SSL Coordinator’s deadline is .... TBD
  • Remember that any service hours earned during this semester are due by the first Friday in June.

MCPS SSL Guidelines

  • The Girl Scout Council Of The Nation's Capital  and The Boy Scouts Of America, National Capital Area Council are MCPS SSL approved organizations as indicated on the Montgomery County Volunteer Center website:
  • MCPS students may earn SSL hours for the approved activities that are listed in this organization’s profile in the “SSL Not Recruiting” section at the bottom of the page. Only service activities that benefit the greater community are eligible for SSL hours. Any troop activities that exclusively benefits a troop (such as den/troop meetings, recognition events, team building activities, or supporting other local troops) are not eligible for SSL hours.

Wilson Wims ES SSL Opportunities

Wilson Wims ES uses a lot of SSL kids for their events! Sign up if you are interested in volunteering at their events using the link provided:!ssl-sign-up/lnz66

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