QO Graduation Requirements

Quince Orchard Graduation Requirements

QO Graduation Requirements
Subject Required Credits
English 4 credits required
Mathematics 4 credits (must include 1 credit in Algebra and 1 credit in Geometry)
Science 3 credits (must include 1 credit in a physical science & 1 credit in biology)
Social Studies 3 credits (must include 1 credit in US History, 1 credit in NSL Government, and 1 credit in Modern World History)
Physical Education 1 credit
Health .5 credit (taken in 10th grade)
Fine Arts 1 credit (art, music or theatre)
Technology 1 credit (technology or computers)
Program Completer Students must complete ONE of the following programs:
- 2 years of foreign language
- 2 additional credits in advanced technology
- a career program such as the Edison Center or Cooperative Work Experience
High School Assessments All Students must take earn a combined score of 1602 or above on the English 10, Algebra, Biology and NSL.
Student Service Learning Students in the classes of 2009 and 2010 must complete 60 SSL hours. Students in the classes of 2011, 2012, and beyond must complete 75 SSL hours.
Student Service Learning Coordinator: Ms. Leslie, 301-840-4594
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