MLK MS -- Band Greats

Mastery Objective:



Choose a musician from the lists below.


· James Galway - Madison  

· Jean-Pierre Rampal - Amanda 


· Woody Herman - Christina  

· Paquito D’Rivera - Kaitlin  



· John Coltrane - Israel  

· Cannonball Adderley -Adrian  


· Louis Armstrong - Patrick  

· Miles Davis - Nathan  

· Maurice Andre - Francisco  

· Alison Balsom - Cheyenne  


· Max Roach - Kenneth  

· John Bonham - George  

· Roger Taylor - Kile  

· Travis Barker - Anu  

· Ringo Starr - Melik  

· Meg White - Leandro  

· Chad Smith - Soan  

· Questlove - Elijah  


 Use the template provided below to create a PowerPoint slide about the musician.

After completing your slide, delete the Django Reinhardt sample slide.

Save your slide to the Hand In folder, using your last name and the last name of the guitarist.

[e.g., EisenbergReinhardt]



Encyclopaedia Britannica Online School Edition  

Encyclopedia Britannica Image Quest - Access more than two million rights-cleared images from over 50 of the best collections in the world.  


Grading rubric:

Content – 15 points  

Spelling, grammar, editing – 5 pts  

Clear, informative presentation – 10 pts  


PowerPoint Template  


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