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Academic Information

Gifted and Talented

MCPS has a website providing full details of the Enriched and Innovative Instruction (EII) program, which includes programs for gifted and talented students.

Grade 5 in-Consortium students (those residing within the boundaries of the MSMC) should see their school counselor with any questions.

For more information, please visit the Department of Enriched and Innovative Programs website

Homework Policy

Homework is one of the many activities in the total school life of our students. It supports the instructional objectives of classroom work. Homework reinforces the student learning of essential skills and should be completed by the student. Homework also helps to develop the students' learning skills.

The Laytonsville Elementary Staff recognizes the importance of time for family living, learning, and growing. Children also need time to participate in child-oriented activities that are fun and educational such as sports, scouts, and music, etc.

Well planned homework assignments involve the following principles:

  1. Assignments support classroom instructional objectives/indicators and the purpose of each assignment is well defined.
  2. Homework directions are clear and concise. Related information sources are provided as needed.
  3. Assignments are varied to challenge students' interests and abilities.
  4. Due dates are established to allow for long term planning.
  5. Completed assignments are evaluated by individual teachers.
  6. Homework should be turned in by the due date. Late work may result in a lower grade or loss of credit.

The time spent on homework is guided by the needs of the different content areas. Students and parents work together in setting time limits. Students are responsible for completing their homework. The amount and complexity of homework as well as the frequency and length of the work period is flexible. The maximum times are:

  • Kindergarten/Special Education – 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times weekly
  • First and Second Grades – 20-30 mins. daily
  • Third and Fourth Grades – 30-45 mins. daily
  • Fifth Grade – 45-60 mins. daily

In addition, children should be read to or read independently for at least fifteen minutes a night. Incomplete classwork that becomes homework is not included under the time suggestions as stated above.

Special considerations

  1. Homework will not be assigned to interfere with designated religious holiday observances.
  2. If a student is unable to complete the homework or does not have an adequate understanding of the work, the parent should write a note to the teacher explaining the difficulty or reason the work was not completed. Please contact your child's teacher first if you have questions or concerns.
  3. Students are responsible for requesting and making up missed assignments due to absence.
  4. Work assignments for students going on a family vacation is at the teacher's discretion. (The exact week's worth of work cannot be sent out for a vacation.)
  5. Homework that is identified as a formative assessment will be graded. Practice homework will not be graded, but will count as a learning skill.