Second Grade

Lunch:  11:25am – 12:00pm            Recess:  12:00pm –  12:35pm

Ms. Sarissa Florida, Mrs. Amy Buras, Mrs. Trish Billig, and Mrs. Patty Milligan          

LES 2017-2018 Grade 2 Team-new

Classroom Teacher Schedules         

  Additional Educational Resources




       Brainpop Jr     

 *The first three resources have personalized usernames and passwords which have been sent home in a letter to each student’s family. The last resource username is laytonsville, password is brainpop  

Parent Guide

A Parent's Guide to Grade 2 is available on the MCPS website in English and several other languages and gives an overview of the curriculum, explains what your child will be learning, and assists you in providing support for your child throughout the year.