Counseling Services Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Albert Einstein High School Counseling Services Department is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the personal/social, academic and college/career needs of all students.  Our goal is to promote a commitment to life long learning, personal and academic growth and to aid students in becoming responsible and productive citizens who can progress confidently into an ever-changing society.  This foundation will be supported and further strengthened by collaboration with other educators, administrators, parents/guardians and community advocates.  

Counseling Services Department Contacts

Resource Counselor: Stephanie Waller (301) 929-2220
 Registrar: Rebecca Perez (301) 962-1024

CCIC: Pamela Lanning (301) 962-1020

Business Hours: 7:00a – 3:30p

Phone: (301) 929-2220

Fax: (301) 962-1074

Counselor Appointments 

  Attendance and participation in class is an imporant criteria for academic success, therefore, we discourage students from missing instructional time to meet with their counselor. Students may see their counselor without an appointment before and after school, and/or during lunch. All other times should be arranged with their counselor or by having a pass from their teacher.

2013-2014 New Counselor Assignments

Student Last Name


9th Grade  

A - E and  

 Gr 9-12 LFI, SCB 

Stephanie Waller      

F- Z 

 Colin Black  

10th -12th Grade  

A - Fen 

  Karen Karma  

Fer - Li 

    Terran Young  

Lo - Rex 

  Melissa Keller  


 Kellie Spivak (Part time)    

Tiz - Z  and ESOL, METS, Transition 

Patricia Azcuña 

Staff List

Rebecca Perez, Registrar       

Vivian Boyle, Registrar Assistant

Cheryl Malner, Secretary  

Claudia Hernandez, Part-time Secretary


April 2014

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