The staff, students, parents, and community of Albert Einstein High School will work together to build constructive relationships, provide a rigorous, relevant program of studies, and cultivate an environment of respect and responsibility, empowering students to become productive contributing members of society.

Daily Announcements

  • 4/26/17

      •Good Morning Titans, •Today is WEDNESDAY April 26th, •26 SCHOOL DAYS TILL GRADUATION!   S-A-T WORD OF THE DAY:   Epic very great or large and usually difficult or impressive   The football game was an epic battle between two great teams.   Seniors!          You must  comple

  • 4/25/17

      •Good Morning Titans, •Today is TUESDAY April 25th, •27 SCHOOL DAYS TILL GRADUATION! S-A-T WORD OF THE DAY:   celestial relating to the sky   Stars, planets, and  asteroids, are all celestial bodies     Are you looking for a summer job? The Summer Rise program will h

  • 4/19/17

      •Good Morning Titans, •Today is  WEDNESDAY April 19th, •31 DAYS TILL GRADUATION! •My name is___________ with _______ and • ________________ •Please stand for the Pledge…. (PAUSE) •"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nat