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Clarksburg High School PTSA

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     Welcome to the Clarksburg High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) website.  Using this website is a pathway to becoming an involved CHS parent.  


    The CHS PTSA is a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit association and provides a strong voice for all children in the school and an advocacy group in the area of public education.  Our Mission Statement reads as follows:  


        "We, the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), seek to
    build knowledge, improve communication and promote student, parent, faculty and
    staff efforts to cultivate an environment where all feel valued and free to
    share ideas, experiences, commonalities and differences, improve the
    educational experience of all students and promote academic, extracurricular
    and social achievement."


    Parent involvement is key to the success of any PTSA.  It is understood that parents are busy people but there are many different ways to be involved.  We encourage and need participation from all parents interested in any issue related to their child’s academic achievement or school life in general.  Participation can be large or small, depending on your interests.  You can donate your time, talent or money to various activities pursued by the PTSA and you can also simply keep advised of PTSA activities through this website, announcements and the newsletter.  The first step to take is to join the CHS PTSA.  


Important Dates

At every PTSA meeting we’ll hear the most recent news from Principal Koutsos and have a brief and informal Q & A time with him. We’ll also have various guest speakers throughout the year. We look forward to providing a variety of programs designed for parents and students.


All PTSA meetings start at 7pm – meeting in room #114.   Directional signs to this classroom will be posted when you enter the Main Office door (NOT the Auditorium door). No time to eat? No worries! We’ll have something to snack on at every meeting!


Wednesday, September 25 – Committee Chair Reception & School safety discussion  

Tuesday, October 15  College Preparedness  

Tuesday, January 21  Elective course fair including options in the arts, music, science & math!  

Tuesday, February 18  Board Meeting (off premises)  

Tuesday, March 18 – All about Post Prom.  We’ll share information from different diverse cultural perspectives and explain why we take the tremendous amount of time, effort and expense to sponsor and host this event! 

Tuesday, May 20 – End Of Year Celebration! Time to chat, eat and talk about whatever is on our minds! 



Please join the PTSA as soon as possible each school year.  We used your membership dues to fund all of our programs throughout the year.  The math is simple:  the more members we have, the more activities we can pursue and the strong our voice.   


You should know that when you join the CHS PTSA, you are also joining the Montgomery County Council of PTAs, the Maryland PTA and the National PTA, with all of the rights to and benefits of membership in those organizations. 


Find our membership applications by following these links: 

Membership Form (2013-14)  - Membership Form (2013-14) - Spanish Version


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