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Grade 5 Science

Unit 1
Force, Motion and Energy
- Jason Project: Coaster Creator
PhET Simulation: Energy Skatepark 
- PhET Simulation: Masses & Springs
Unit 2
Electricity and Magnetism

PhET Simulation: Balloons & Static Electricity

PhET Simulation: John Travoltage

PhET Simulation: Circuit Construction Kit (AC+DC)

- BBC: Changing Circuits 
- PhET Simulation: Magnets & Compass
- PhET Simulation: Magnets & Electromagnets

- Silicon Spies

Unit 3

- NASA's Space Place

- The Nine Planets

- Planets for Kids

- Space Facts: The Planets

- NASA @ HomeandCity

Unit 4
Cells and Heredity

- Compound Microscope Parts

- Using the Microscope

- Magnifying and Focusing

- Microscope Digital Simulation practice

Microscope History Readings:

- History of the Microscope

- A New Light on Paper

- Microscopes Helps Scientists Explore Hidden Worlds

Microscope Poem and History

Specialized Cell Research:

- Cell Specialization powerpoint

- Why do we need cells?
- Types of cells and their function

- Specialized plant and animal cells (click the volume button to mute)

- Brainpop: Cell Specialization

Unicellular Organisms

- Multicellular vs. Unicellular powerpoint

DNA Research

- DNA: Brittanica School Elementary

- Tour of Basic Genetics

- What Makes You You? (Turn off the sound)

- DNA: Gale Science in Context

- Genetics: Gale Science in Context

Science Fair

Scientific Process  
Project Ideas

- Science Fair Projects World

- All Science Fair Projects

- Top 100 Science Fair Projects  

- Science Buddies