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School Spirit

With the hope that kids that like their school will like going to school, the PTA promotes school spirit in a variety of ways.

Spirit Days

Throughout the year, and often on half-days, Cashell students and staff are encouraged to be a little silly or to show their team colors. Contact: Shannon Maxwell.  The next Spirit Day is on November 26th.  Remember to show your spirit by dressing the children as Superheroes or Princesses. 

Family Fun Night

Cashell Cougars and their families have a night of fun at the Olney Swim Center or a parents' night out at participating restaurants or event venues.

Staff Appreciation

The PTA shows its gratitude to the hard-working staff at Cashell by providing occaisional treats, and by putting on a Staff Appreciation Week each year. Contact: Cathy Dalton.

Variety Show

Each year, for many years, the Variety Show has provided a stage for our budding Cashell performers. Students form dance lines, sing, play musical instruments, and put on a show for parents and friends. For the last few years, the show has been held at Redland Middle School. Contact: Lisy Costa.


The PTA provides refreshment at the monthly PTA meetings for members, visitors and guests.

Spirit Wear

Nothing says school pride like wearing your school colors. Contact: Kim Rosenberger and Barbara Finan! 

Cashell Eats Out

The PTA arranges for various local restaurants to share their revenue with us on a specific night. Typically, Cougar families descend like locusts and clean the restaurant out, generating business and a donation for the school. Besides a holiday from cooking, the Cashell Eats Out program is a great time for the kids, and a very good way for parents to meet the parents of their own kids' friends and classmates. We've had fun at California Tortilla and Mamma Lucia and hope to see you out soon! Contacts: Amy Wertlieb and Michelle Celedonia