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The faculty, staff and community of Cashell Elementary School are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment that will afford every child who enters our school the opportunity to grow into an educated, strong and independent individual. Every child will be given the attention and focus needed to maximize his or her learning potential. We are determined to foster a relationship that allows our children to feel valued, respected, and confident. We will focus on not only academic achievement but also interpersonal growth and values in accord with our Character Counts program. We will create a motivating and enthusiastic environment that allows everyone to succeed. This will be accomplished through structured teaching, guidance, and communication by the faculty and staff in partnership with the parents of each child.

  • School Mascot: Casey Cougar
  • School Slogan: Striving for Excellence!
  • School Colors: Blue and White

Policies and Procedures

Who to Contact

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Daily, consistent, and prompt attendance creates school success and develops habits that lead to success in the workplace. We urge you to make school attendance a priority and to schedule vacations (and appointments, when possible) around the school calendar. Please call the office before 9:00AM when your child will be absent. For safety reasons, we call all parents of absent students who have not notified the school. We do have an answering machine (301-924-3130) if you need to leave us a message before the office opens in the morning.

The State of Maryland requires school attendance each day that school is in session, unless there is a lawful, excused reason for the tardiness or absence. In these cases, schoolwork can be made up. Teachers are NOT REQUIRED to provide makeup work or work in advance for unexcused absences. When students return to school Maryland law also requires that they bring a note stating the dates of absence and the reason for the absence. Reasons for excused absence include:

  • Death in the immediate family
  • Student Illness (State law requires a doctor's note after 5 days of absence.)
  • Court summons
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Work or other activities approved by the principal
  • State or other emergency
  • Quarantine
  • Religious holiday
  • Suspension

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