Student Service Learning (SSL)

Upcoming Student Service Learning Opportunities:  

Opportunities to earn SSL hours can be found on the website

Students can also join the SSL Google Classroom to find up-to-date pre-approved opportunities sent specifically to CJMS by organizations that would love to have CJMS students volunteer. 

Join the SSL Google Classroom using the following class code:  hfyzkm  

Please turn in all SSL forms to Mrs. Davis in room 1237. 

Student Service Learning Deadlines 

September 29, 2017: Documentation of all service performed during the summer is due
January 5, 2018: Documentation of all service performed during the first semester is due
June 1, 2018: Documentation of all service performed during the second semester is due

Student Service Learning Forms:

560-51 Student Service Learning Activity Verification  - To be completed after completing hours 

560-50 Individual Student Service Learning Request  - To be used to gain pre-approval before beginning SSL hours 

Forms will be returned to students for completion if information is missing, incorrect or additional documentation is necessary. SSL hours will be awarded when a complete and approved form is submitted.  

Students are encouraged to maintain records of the SSL hours they have earned by keeping copies of all forms and a log of their involvement. Review regularly the section of your report card where the record of required, earned and remaining SSL hours to complete appears.  



Please check the following website to determine if an organization if preapproved.  Organizations with a graduation cap symbol next to them are pre-approved:

If an organization does not have a graduation cap symbol next to the name or is not listed, you must gain pre-approval before beginning the activity.  Please complete the following form: 

560-50 Individual Student Service Learning Request  - To be used to gain pre-approval before beginning SSL hours 


Important Links: 


Special Information about SSL Activities:   

SSL hours for involvement in auditioning, practicing, training, rehearsing, etc. in activities such as dance, sport, and music may be earned when such talents are shared with the greater community. A performance to nursing home residents, hospital patients, visit to a homeless shelter etc. are examples. Hours are available for the actual performance only, not the practice sessions and/or training involved in developing the skill. We are focusing on the practice that the service-learning activity meets a recognized need in the community, that students achieve curricular objectives etc. For further clarification, please contact the SSL Coordinator. 

Students interested in earning SSL hours while working with young children must do so with a non-profit organization-such as Montgomery County Recreation Department, MCPS, etc. Applications for SSL Special Activities with for-profit organizations of this nature such as camps and day care will no longer be approved.  

For-profit assisted living and nursing home facilities remain the only for-profit locations where students may earn SSL hours in MCPS. If these organizations are not listed on the pre-approved for SSL list then the student is required to complete an Application for SSL Special Activity approved in advance of any service with these for-profit organizations. Service with these organizations must be direct to the residents, nothing to support the profitability of the for-profit business.  

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