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Mission Statement

Cabin John’s mission is to educate all students in a supportive, challenging, and disciplined environment so that they become lifelong learners and a credit to themselves and society.


Cabin John Middle School is committed to an academic environment that promotes rigor, relevancy and relationships.

History of Cabin John

The school is located in Potomac, Maryland. There are approximately 1005 students and 120 staff members. The original school was built in 1967, closed in 1987 and reopened in 1989. The original building closed in 2009 and reopened with a newly constructed building in 2011. 

Families, staff, and the community celebrated the dedication of the new school on April 26, 2012. 

More about the Cabin John history here.

CJMS Philosophy

Recognizing the strengths and needs of pre and early adolescents, Cabin John Middle School provides a nurturing, stimulating climate in which students and staff have time to grow and become active and engaged learners. Every student is expected to make a personal commitment to excellence and will be given the necessary support to realize this goal. Parents are encouraged to be active partners in this educational endeavor. 

Who Makes Up Our School?

The school is organized by interdisciplinary Super Teams in grades 6, 7, and 8.  The student population of CJMS represents thirty-five countries and comes from four different elementary schools in Maryland. We have a diversified student body and staff:

  • African American Students 12%
  • Asian Students 32% 
  • Hispanic Students 6% 
  • Multi-Racial Students 6% 
  • Causaian Students 43%

Our instructional program is implemented by fifty-seven teachers plus the support provided by a Reading Specialist, Speech Pathologist, ESOL Teacher, fifteen special needs resource team members that include one Autism class, and two Autism Services classes, three Learning for Independence classes and two School Community Based classes.

Cabin John at a Glance

Cabin John MS Learning Environment Survey Results

Master Plan/CIP Data for Cabin John MS  (Churchill  Wootton)


How Is Our School Organized?

Our school is organized into interdisciplinary teams of teachers who are responsible for the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students. In addition, there are three other teams: a physical education team, an arts team, and a special needs team. Our team structure is designed to provide a strong sense of belonging between students and staff. Students are assigned to teams to ensure a balance between races, gender, ability, and former elementary school attendance.

We cluster our special needs students at each grade level. This allows us to maximize our support for them since we use a plug-in-model for our delivery of services. ESOL students are also clustered for the same reason. Each grade level comprises as one Super Team. As a result, teachers are able to share common concerns on a daily basis in team meetings, conduct parent conferences with all of a child's teachers in attendance, improve the efficient planning of team activities, and coordinate the instructional program for all subjects.

Support staff, specialists, counselors, and administrators are also assigned to each team. These staff members bring additional resources to support the instructional and administrative needs of the team.

Our practice of having the same guidance counselor stay with the same group of children for their three years at Cabin John Middle School has proven to be a real asset in terms of continuity and communication among staff and with parents.

How Important Is Professional Growth?

Great emphasis has been placed on teacher training at Cabin John and its significance to instruction in the classroom. Many of our staff are enrolled in classes, attend/and or present at conferences, and are members of curriculum development teams. Our active in-school in- service program looks at the needs of students through analysis of data and surveys. The objectives of our management plan are developed in partnership with the community and focuses on specific needs identified by both staff and community, using MCPS goals as our benchmark. 

Strategic Planning - Goals and Measures for 2017-2018

Focusing our efforts on providing differentiated content instruction focused on a variety of student data will have a significant impact on closing the achievement gap in literacy and mathematics for students with IEPs in the 2017-2018 school years.

  1. Literacy Goal:  Increase the percentage of students with IEPs meeting 2 or more measurements in the Evidence of Learning to 90%, and the percentage meeting 3 levels to 60%.
  2. Math Goal:  Increase the percentage of students with IEPs meeting 2 or more measurements in the Evidence of Learning to 92%, and the percentage meeting 3 levels to 55%.

 Full details can be found in the Baldrige Guided School Improvement Plan (BGSIP) 2017-2018

Performace Results

2017 Performance Report:  Test results for Partnership for College and Career Readiness (PARCC) and Alternate Maryland School Assessment (Alt-MSA)  

The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) has posted the results of the 2017 Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC), and the High School Assessment on the Maryland Report Card (www.mdreportcard.org) website.  Click here to view Cabin John Middle School 2017 School Report located under the "Reports" tab.  


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