Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department

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Mrs. Ashley Schreckengost

The mission of the mathematics department at Wheaton High School is to ensure a high quality education in mathematics that will enable all students to be productive problem solvers and competitive citizens of the 21st century.

Our math teachers at Wheaton are working closely with the students to provide them with an effective mathematical instruction program that will help them acquire the math skills and abilities to promote success in their college years and throughout their lives, both within and beyond school settings.

 Department Staff

Math Teachers 2023-2024


Ashley Schreckengost    Erica Bader Misogi Abe
Jonathan Baker Dan Bates  Karen Bellamy
Margaret Briand Wendy Brown  Lisa Burch
Jim Fields    Evan Flickinger Alexander Garabed
Kate Grandusky  Cynthia Harris Ravi Hausner
Alex Helberg  Elizabeth Hooks Hyo Jeong Cho
Josephine Kalema Estelle Keener Hannah Keener
Jacilia Koroma Brian Little Kaitlyn Mettee
Olisa McKenzie John Miller Andrew Moorman
Amanda Petersen Aspen Philips Tyler Simpkiss
Osnat Stone Terry Ryder Ryan Waggoner
Juinn-Ren Wang Rebecca Ward YunJu Jung




Calculator Information

calculator Many courses recommend the use of a calculator. Algebra 1 requires it. Any student who does not have a calculator may borrow a TI-83 or TI-83 Plus calculator from the math department. You must return your calculator at the end of the year in order to clear all obligations. If the calculator is lost, stolen or damaged while in your possession you must pay the full price of the calculator ($90). To borrow a calculator, see Mrs. Schreckengost in the Math Office, room 217, before school, after school, or during lunch. Supplies are limited. See Mrs. Schreckengost today.

TI-83 or TI-83 Plus calculator

Please see Mrs. Schreckengost if you need to borrow a calculator as Algebra 1 requires it.


New Curriculum

  • Common Core State Standards - Visit this website to learn more about the standards that Maryland and most other states will adopt for Mathematics and English Language Arts.
  • Maryland’s New Curriculum - Visit the state’s website to learn more about Maryland’s curriculum frameworks which are fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards.
  • Transition within MCPS - See this presentation to better understand how the new curriculum aligns with our current mathematics curriculum - and what is happening this year as we prepare to transition.
  • MCPS Math - Visit this website for a list of on-line mathematics resources.

The Math Dude

The Math Dude The Math Dude stars in an award-winning series of videos
produced by MCPS and aligned with our Algebra 1 curriculum