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Ms. Kathryn McLeod

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The Wheaton High School English department focuses on the development of reading, writing, and critical thinking skills in all students. To achieve success in the modern world, one must have the ability to control language, communicate effectively and efficiently, and think independently. The WHS English department is committed to providing all students with the necessary instruction to improve on these skills. For students eager to challenge themselves, we offer rigorous honors courses for each grade level, as well as Advanced Placement courses for the 11th and 12th grades. We provide electives in theater, creative writing, yearbook, and reading to supplement required English courses and to deepen mastery of various modes of reading and writing. All courses—on level to Advanced Placement—build on essential English language and communication skills that students will find in the 21st century.

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Writing Center

Ms. Atkin and Ms. Gilfrich run Wheaton's Writing Center.
The Writing Center supports students in every phase of the writing process. Students may bring in their assignments or college and scholarship essays for help brainstorming, organizing, drafting and/or editing. 
For more information about the Writing Center click on this link!