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Ms. Marisol Franks
Speech Pathologist


The mission of Speech and Language Services is to provide comprehensive services for the prevention, assessment, diagnosis, and intervention of communication disabilities related to educational success. Services focus on oral, gestural, and/or augmentative communication skills, reflecting consideration of best practices in the field of speech-language pathology. Services are individualized for each student, and based on the student's total educational program, and take into account the range of ability and performance of students within the school setting. The goal is to develop oral communication skills that are the underpinnings of the curriculum in order to promote student success.

Students work in small groups of similar age-level or goals once or twice a week in (typically) a pull-out setting.

Resources for Families

American Speech - Language - Hearing Association

Maryland Board of Speech-Language Pathologists

Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Stuttering Foundation of America