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Ms. Jennifer Thai
Teacher, Physical Education

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Westbrook Walks

The Physical Education program at Westbrook, with assistance from the PTA, is continuing the Westbrook Walks recess program on Wednesdays! And the kids still love it!

The program is designed to reduce playground hassles, increase kids’ learning readiness and fight obesity. Students can participate in the program during recess, and when appropriate, under the direction of teacher approved breaks. The best part is that ----everyone can participate! A lot was learned from the program last year so a few modifications will be made this year and we are always looking for feedback to continue to enhance the program!

Our Goal:
Keep it simple and make it fun for your children. Ms. Thai has marked off a track on the lower level grass field (by the baseball fields). Children will be able to walk (run, skip, jump, etc) this track during outdoor recess and other teacher approved outdoor breaks. Upon completion of 10 laps they will instantly receive a token! The Fitness bulletin board in the All Purpose Room will provide students with updates and inspiration for more walkers to get engaged and stay challenged (ie: Most laps walked in a one day: Suzy Johnson (15); Most laps walked in one week: Timmy Thompson (45); Mystery Walker of the Week: Minnie Mouse). We will continue to alter challenges and all participants will have plenty of opportunities to earn the special "walking" tokens that they can attach to backpacks, etc.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or would like to volunteer to assist with recording student laps during recess, please email Kathleen McDermott.

Field Day

Field Day occurs at the end of each school year on two mornings in late spring, one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5. During Field Day, students rotate through a variety of PE activities that they’ve learned throughout the year. Traditionally, the whole school enjoys a picnic lunch on the field both days and families are invited to attend.