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 Mrs. Randi Vogel

Dear Parents,

          Here I am at the start of another school year!  I am happy to report that it has started without a bump (on the head that is).  Whew!!  What a relief! I have to admit that I was more than a bit tentative when I had to report back to “the scene of the crime” for our staff picture the other day!  Thank goodness I wore my “pickle guard helmet” for protection.  J

          I am particularly excited about this year because I have relocated the “Pickle Palace” to a spacious new room with a view!  I will be able to meet with students individually, in small groups and in lunch bunches with plenty of room to spare.  I am now on the fourth grade hallway and couldn’t be happier in my new abode.  Please do come by and check it out!

          For the first two weeks of school I will be assisting the Kindergarten team with the new process of Mix-and-Match.  I am hoping that I can eek out a bit of time over this period to welcome our many new students to Westbrook and to go into classes to remind the students of my very special helper role here at the school.

          In addition to monthly guidance lessons in all the grades, I will be starting small groups in October.  You will be receiving a list of the groups that will be offered.  Please be on the look-out for my bright green pickle paper for more information coming once school gets in full swing.

          I am certainly here for the students as well as you, the parents.  Please do not hesitate in contacting me if I can assist you in any way with regards to your child(ren). 


Looking forward to a great year!


Randi Vogel “Mrs. Pickle”