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At Westbrook Elementary School, we believe that homework assignments should serve one or more of the following purposes:
To reinforce and enrich school learning experiences
To teach students to follow directions and to organize time and materials
To help students to accept responsibility and to develop self-reliance for assigned work
To enable parents to stay informed about their child’s progress and about the school’s instructional program

Students are responsible for:
Making sure that they understand the assignment before leaving school
Turning in assignments when they are due
Explaining to parents what homework has been assigned and when it is due
Making up assignments that are missed when absent

Teachers are responsible for:
Communicating their homework procedures clearly to students and parents at the beginning of the year
Posting homework assignments in your classroom
Assigning homework that is purposeful and meaningful to student
Assigning homework that is related to daily academic program
Assigning homework that is within the ability of the student
Communicating their time expectations for completion of homework
Hold students accountable for completion

Parents are responsible for:
Arranging a quiet, comfortable, well lit place for their student to work
Providing encouragement and support for their student
Communicating with the teacher when questions arise about an assignment

Nightly Timing Approximations:

  • K: optional monthly calendar, 5-10 mins
  • 1st: 10 mins reading, 10 mins math
  • 2nd: 15 mins reading, 10 mins math
  • 3rd: 20 mins reading, 15 mins math
  • 4th: 30-40 mins total
  • 5th: 40-50 mins total

We ask that parents call the school when a child is, or will be, absent. A child who has been absent from school for any reason MUST bring a note from home upon his or her return. The school office will call the home of any student absent more than three consecutive days. Students absent for more than four days for illness should bring a doctor's written note.
Parents should keep children at home whenever illness is suspected. (See HEALTH & SAFETY section for GUIDELINES FOR KEEPING A CHILD HOME DUE TO ILLNESS.) A child who has had a communicable disease may return to school whenever the family physician indicates in writing that it is wise to do so.
Parent requests for make-up work will be provided for excused absences of 2 or more days with 24 hours notice given to the teacher. Excused absences are: illness, death in the immediate family, religious holiday, and state emergencies. For unexcused absences, work will not be provided ahead of time. Unexcused absences include out of town travel and vacations.
For unexcused absences: Upon returning to school, the student will receive a packet of all missed work. It is up to the family to complete and review the assignments. Any specific assignments that must be returned for a grade will be appropriately marked and given a due date. Quizzes and tests will be made up during recess when the student returns.
Absences and late arrivals are closely monitored by the school and the school system. In order to learn what is being taught, our students need to be here and be here on time. The start of the school day is 8:50 am. If your child is absent or tardy 3 or more days in a month, you will receive a letter from the principal.
If your child is going to be out for any reason, please contact our main office at 301-320-6506.

MCPS regulations require that lost or damaged property, including textbooks, library books and reference books, be paid for according to the item value at the time of the loss or damage. Labor costs for repairs also may be assessed.


A Student’s Guide to Rights and Responsibilities is an overview of the rights and responsibilities students enjoy in MCPS and a summary of the laws and regulations that affect students.

The MCPS Code of Conduct is a publication for the 2019-2020 school year. The Code of Conduct provides an overview of discipline procedures and protocols and the range of consequences students could face for violating various policies, regulations, and rules. The guide also discusses the MCPS philosophy to discipline and defines the various disciplinary responses.