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Student Government Association
At least once a month, the elected student council representatives from grades 1 through 5 meet to discuss school issues with a faculty advisor and/or the principal. Each room selects a representative and an alternate twice a year. Student Government Association officers are nominated and elected by students each June for the following year.
Officers for 2015 – 2016 are:

  • President: Henry Brown
  • Vice President: Caitlin Rowan
  • Secretary: Ruby Barone

Leadership Opportunities for 5th Grade Students
Every Fifth Grade student has the opportunity to hold a leadership position for the school year, unless no interest is expressed. Each student will hold only ONE position (excluding SGA membership), unless no interest is expressed. Each student will apply for three positions, prioritizing role of choice, as first choice may not be possible. Application, essay, and parent permission are required.

An assembly will be held for Fourth Grade students to review the various opportunities in early April. Applications will be due approximately ten days later and applicants will be notified of results in early May.

Many leadership roles will require time occasionally committed during lunch and recess periods, as well as between 8:30 – 8:45am. Students are NOT guaranteed their first choice, but all students who submit an application will be selected for one of their three choices and every effort will be made to give students their first or second choice.

Descriptions of Leadership Opportunities

SERT/Green Team (sponsored by staff)
• Assist with recycling efforts
• Conserve energy
• Educate students and staff on recycling and energy conservation
• Deliver morning reminders on announcements

Safety Patrols (sponsored by staff)
• Arrive at school at 8:50am and remain until 3:35pm each day (except bus patrols who ride the bus daily)
• Meet with the Patrol Sponsors and Officer Sauriol monthly during lunch or recess
• Serve as a role model throughout the building
• Assist adults in maintaining order
• Report unsafe behavior
• Uphold principles in the Patrol Pledge

School Ambassadors (organized by principal)
• Introduce cultural arts assemblies
• Serve as greeters at special events

Westbrook Sign Managers (organized by administrative secretary)
• Change the front sign monthly to reflect current events or reminders
• Remove posters from hall walls when date/event has passed

Junior Pickles (organized by counselor)
• Assist younger students in resolving conflicts peacefully at recess
• Be “on duty” at recess time and make up missed work as a result of working at a recess other than your own
• Demonstrate excellent communication skills (speaking & listening)
• Enjoy working with younger kids on problem solving
• Meet at lunch twice in September and then monthly for training
• Take recess duty twice a month after training is complete

Aqua Eagles (organized by staff)
• Practice and communicate information about the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem
• Plan and execute presentations on our environmental project
• Writing in various formats to communicate project information
• Usually meets Wednesday afternoon after school until 4:15pm
• Willing to work on projects at recess as needed

Eagle Eye News (organized by media specialist)
• Plan and produce the Eagle Eye News which airs every morning
• Commit to attend planning sessions on alternate Tuesday afternoons
• Applicants must have an interest in technology, speak clearly and fluently, and be able to brainstorm and write news reports
• An interest in current events and school activities is a plus 
• Applicant must be a team player
• Jobs are rotated and include: anchor, co-anchor, camera person (2), switcher, audio, and teleprompter