Alumni Memories

Since its doors opened in 1940, thousands of students have called Westbrook their home.  No matter where their lives take them, students remember fondly their time at Westbrook.  Some have taken a moment to share their memories:

"May Westbrook Thrive!"

Westbrook ES - Turow"My name is Josh Turow. I attended Westbrook in the mid-1960's and was profoundly impacted in a positive way.  To this day, I can recall some of the wonderful teacher's names and even the crossing guard at River Road.  Mrs. Close, my first grade teacher through the tough Mr. Newton, my sixth grade teacher helped form me into the adult that I am today.  I have even maintained a friendship since the fifth grade with a fellow Westbrook student, Jeff Gall.  I have lived in California for more than thirty years, but have always fondly remembered the blacktop, carnival, milk tabs, presidential physical fitness, clapping the erasers, gorgeous building and grounds....and oh so much more!  May Westbrook thrive!"  

-Josh Turow (pictured with family outside his home on Dalton Road, circa 1967)







"Westbrook was, and is, a very special school."

Westbrook ES - Krieger"I am Robert G. Krieger and I attended Westbrook ... grades 3-6 from about 1947 to 1950, as best that I can remember.  

My third grade teacher, Mrs. Clay was great, but my favorite was Mrs. Shine, in about the 4th grade.   She let us build bird houses which we then placed in the woods behind the school. 

The picture of my class in 1950.   Note that most of the young men served as patrol boys, to assist with directing younger ones across streets. I am on the top row....eight from the left.  

Westbrook was, and is, a very special school. It always will be." 

-Robert G. Krieger