Reading is a vital part of the MCPS curriculum and the education of every child. The information presented on this web page is provided as a resource for parents.

Reading Strategies

Highlights of the Reading Strategies document:

  1. Read as often as possible to your child.
  2. Read for pleasure in front of your child to demonstrate how important reading is to you.
  3. Call attention to environmental print (signs, labels, etc). 
  4. Talk about books before, during and after reading.

 For the complete Reading Strategies document, please click here.

Paired Reading Tips Sheet

Click here for the Paired Reading Tips Sheet.

Quarterly Guided Reading Targets, Grades K -5

Click here for the guided reading level targets for each grade level.

Understanding End of Year Reading Benchmarks: A Parent's Guide

This parent’s guide will help you develop a better understanding of the end of the year reading benchmark for each grade level

Text Level Descriptions

Click here for descriptions of the guided reading text levels for grades 2 through 5.

Wayside Reading Program Descriptions

Reading Program Keyword Definitions 

 Characteristics of a Summary

Word Wall Words, K - 5

Word Wall Words are words that students are expected to master by the end of the grade level. Click on the grade level below for the Word Wall Words for that grade level.

Verbal Formation of Letters

Sometimes it helps children to say aloud the directions for “making” a letter. This “verbal path” helps them to understand the directional movement that is essential. In addition, it gives the teacher and child a language to talk through the letter and its features. 

Click here for suggested language for creating a verbal path to the distinctive features of letters.

MCPS Reading Assessment Links

Please use the web links below for information about the state-mandated assessments.

MCPS Testing Information: Descriptions of the various assessments.

PARCC Assessment Information

PARCC Task Prototypes and Sample Items

MCPS Elementary Reading Language Arts Department