ESOL Resource Teacher: Margaret Van Buskirk  

The WMHS ESOL program offers self-contained classes for English language acquisition and the Multi-disciplinary Education and Training Support [METS] for students with significant gaps in their prior education.  Students are identified for ESOL at the MCPS School Counseling, Residency and International Admissions Office and take the WIDA ACCESS test annually to measure growth.  Students exit the ESOL program when they meet language proficiency levels in reading, writing, speaking, and listening set by the Maryland State Department of Education.

 ESOL Courses


 METS Courses

ESOL Level 1



Sheltered ESOL 1 Tier 1

ESOL Lab 1


Reading for Tier 1 and METS Tier 2

ESOL Level 2



US Culture Past & Present for METS Tier 1

ESOL Lab 2



Introduction to the Language of Math Tier 1

ESOL Level 3



Mathematical Applications to Problem Solving Tier 2

ESOL Lab 3



ESOL Algebra 1

ESOL Level 4



ESOL Related Math

ESOL Level 5




ESOL Level 6




Academic Language for ESOL 1




RT: Margaret Van Buskirk 

ESOL Staff    

Luis Amaro

Heather Bergman

Cynthia Garcia

Sharon Asro-Faber

Heather Holcomb

Elvis-fru Nde

Dennis Pastore

Djina Satara-Petrovic

Veena Seshadri

Marcus Tompros

Sonia Vicente

Natalia Wright

Carmen Zapata

ESOL Para-Educators:

Fernando Ayres

Maria Decarballo

Amparo Quintanilla

Karla Monge-Sandoval