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Early Childhood

We have 6 Early Childhood programs at Viers Mill ES.



PEP, Pre-K and Head Start Team
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(Left to Right - Back Row) Ms. Cassidy Suggett (Speech-Language Pathologist),  Ms. Trinda Groff (Speech Pathologist), Ms. Chelsea Cohen (Speech-Language Pathologist), Ms. Susan Mark-Ryan (SpEd Teacher), Mr. Jonathan Glenny (PEP), Ms. Emma Hintz (HS), Ms. Ye Zhang (PK Para) Ms. Theresa Assayag (PEP Para), Ms. Emma Dodge (PEP Para), Ms. Krystal Putman (PEP INC Teacher), Ms. Victoria Dean (PEP Parent Educator)

(Left to Right - Front Row) Ms. Barbara Krute (PEP), Ms. Ana Miller (Physical Therapist), Ms. Maya Wolf (PEP), Ms. Lisa Krosnick (Occupational Therapist), Ms. Jessie Magoon (Pre-K), Ms. Arbia Ben Youssef (PEP Para), Ms. Debbie McGrogan (PEP INC Para), Ms. Karen Cabrera (PEP Para), Ms. Nancy Gramajo (Pre-K Para)Ms. Amanda Regan (PEP)

Not in the picture:

Ms. Laura Bivans (HS Para)

Ms. Melissa Terry (PEP Classic Para)

What We're Learning

PEP Big Day Curriculum Overview

Big Day for Pre-K (English) 

Big Day for Pre-K (Spanish) 


One More Story  (MCPS computers only)






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