Digital Citizenship

At Viers Mill Elementary School, we strive to have our students make quality decisions regarding digital citizenship. Since technology is part of our work, play and everyday lives, children need to understand how to safeguard their personal information, how to treat others respectfully, and how to act responsibly while using any technological device at school and at home.   
At Viers Mill, we foster a safe, disciplined, educational environment for our students, which includes technology use, because being a good steward of technology starts with education.   


Your digital footprint matters!


We are in partnership with Common Sense Media! To find out more, please visit their website.

Common Sense Media for Parents

Common Sense Media for Parents (Spanish)


Students in Kindergarten to 5th Grades can go to Digital Passport to play games and learn more how to be safe online.


Wide Open School Activities Website for Families

Wide Open Schools

This is a free collection of the best online learning experiences and activities for kids to help families adapt to online learning.




Safe Websites

Safe Apps


Remember Jaguars, your digital footprint matters!








Updated October 30, 2021.