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 Media Center Team 2019-20   

Media Center Team 

Mrs. De León, Media Specialist  

Ms. Wiggins, Media Assistant 

Media Center Information

Phone: 301-929-4469

Student Hours: 8:40 - 3:15  

Staff Hours: 8:40 - 3:45 

Family Wednesday: 3:45 - 4:30  





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  Mission and Vision


Sargent Shriver Media Center Mission is to create and offer students equal opportunity with multiple formats of reading, offer engaging lessons practicing

collaboration with teachers and strive to prepare future ready information literate readers.  Maintain a diverse, equitable and accessible collection for students

of all cultures as well as the entire school community.

Our Vision is to prepare students to be engaged, critical thinkers as well as educate them to become effective information users and well-rounded, independent readers. 

Geared towards creating in our students a love for reading and to become knowledgeable researchers. Dedicated to providing everyone equitable access of information.

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Media Center - Lessons and Circulation

  • Loan Period & Limits
    The loan period for students is two weeks. Books can be renewed, but they must be present at the time of renewal.  Students in Kindergarten are allowed one book. Students in 1st and 2nd grade are allowed two books.  Students in 3rd - 5th grades may take up to 3 books. Students are encouraged to select books that are of interest to them and are an appropriate reading level.  Students in all grades are encouraged to visit the Media Center  to exchange books between regularly scheduled class visits.
  • Overdue Books
    Students may only check out books when others have been returned.
  • Lost and Damaged Books
    Minor damages like small tears or pen or pencil marks often can be repaired in the media center. Books beyond repair, or those damaged by food or liquid, can no longer be circulated and a replacement copy must be purchased.   In addition a replacement copy must be purchased for lost books. Students are responsible and parents will be notified as to the cost of the replacement copy.
  • Media Lessons - Kindergarten thru Fourth grade classes come in on a fixed schedule on an every other week basis. Library-oriented, digital literacy lessons and research skills are taught to these grades, as well as research projects. Students have the opportunity to have book borrowing at this time.  There is a flexible schedule and open book exchange for Fifth grade.

 Family Wednesday

 Every Wednesday,  the Sargent Shriver E. S. Media Center is open for families to come and borrow books and read with their children. Mrs. de León is available to assist with book selection from 3:45 until 4:30 pm.

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Students are expected to be a good digital citizen as they use technology. All students and staff are required to follow the MCPS Regulation for Computer Use IGT-RA.  
  • NetSmartzKids  - a web site with helpful information and games for online safety and digital citizenship.
  • Common Sense Education  - an MCPS approved website for rating movies & tv shows, apps, and games.  As well as offering an excellent Digital Citizenship curriculum in English and Spanish. Back to Top  


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