Countdown to Graduation

Guide to Graduation

College/Career Planning Checklist for Freshmen

Month Action
  • Meet with your counselor.
  • Discuss your academic/career plan, personal, and academic strengths.
  • Get involved in extracurricular and/or community activities.
  • Start collecting materials important for goal setting and resume: grades, activities, honors, awards and standardized test scores.
  • Visit the Career Center and become familiar with the many resources available.  It is open before and after school and during lunch.
  • Be prepared for first semester exams.
  • Plan for next year with your parents, teachers, and counselor.
  • Fill out your registration form for next year. Both student and parents must sign the form.
April - June
  • Work on earning your student service-learning hours.
  • Use the Summer Search booklet to locate summer enrichment programs.
  • Be prepared for second semester exams.

College/Career Planning Checklist for Sophomores

Month Action
  • Continue extracurricular involvement.
  • Sophomores take the PSAT on October 17.
November - April
  • Take an interest inventory, available in the career center.
  • Be prepared for first semester exams.
February - April
  • Discuss your selection of courses with your parents and counselor.
  • Fill out necessary registration forms.
  • Consult handbooks of universities and colleges, trade and technical schools in the Career Center.
  • Consider career and technology course offerings here and at the Thomas Edison High School of Technology.
  • Meet with counselor to review progress and goals.
April - June
  • Be prepared for second semester exams.
  • Investigate volunteer summer programs.
  • Continue meaningful student service learning hours.

College/Career Planning Checklist for Juniors

Month Action
September - May
  • Meet with college representatives who visit SHS and plan college visits.
  • Continue to develop in-depth extracurricular activities & leadership positions.
  • Monitor your student service learning hours. Acquire experiences related to career plans.
  • Register for the PSAT/NMSQT, which will be administered at SHS on October 15,2008.
  • Be prepared for first semester exams.
  • Discuss next year’s schedule with your parents, counselor and teachers.
January - June
  • Make an appointment to research colleges in the Career Center and make list of schools of interest.
  • Register for the May SAT I/ SAT II and/or ACT.
  • Look for college summer programs.
  • Begin looking for a summer job.
February - March
  • Meet with your counselor to update your career/educational plans.
  • Visit colleges during spring break.
  • Spend time in the College/Career Center exploring materials.
  • Register for the June SAT.
  • Do advance research on college decision making in the Career Center.
  • Prepare for and attend the National College Fair.
  • Be prepared for AP exams.
May - June
  • Develop resume and activity list from review of high school career.
  • Non-college bound students should look into post-secondary options such as apprenticeships, technical schools and full-time jobs.
  • Be prepared for second semester exams.
  • Visit college campuses.
  • Assemble a file of materials collected from colleges.

College/Career Planning Checklist for Seniors

Senior Packet:

Month Action
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss postsecondary plans.
  • Request and send applications from colleges, trade and technical schools.
  • Register for October SAT I/SAT II and/or October ACT.
  • Register for November SAT I/ SAT II.
  • Review credits necessary for graduation with your parents and counselor.
  • Athletes register for the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Update your resume.
  • Meet with college representatives.
  • Arrange to tour campuses. (Prior approval is required if you are absent from school.)
  • Complete all forms in the senior packet and return them to the counseling office.
  • Familiarize yourself with the school’s transcript request procedure and follow it.
  • Request letters of recommendations.
  • Complete college applications
  • Register for the January SAT I/SAT II.
December - June
  • Begin job hunting or researching vocational/technical schools if you do not plan to enter college in the fall.
  • Be prepared for first semester exams.
  • Make sure the registrar has the addresses for colleges to which you want mid-year grades sent.
  • Attend financial aid workshop at SHS.
February - April
  • Apply for local scholarships.
  • Be prepared for AP exams and senior exams.
  • Complete senior survey and senior information sheet.
  • Give Mrs. Hernandez a stamped addressed envelope for the final transcript to be sent to your college.
  • GRADUATION - Congratulations!