Early Child Development 

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The Seneca Valley High School Early Child Development Program has been developed to provide training for high school students in the field of early childhood education. The preschool program is high school student directed, under the guidance and supervision of the high school child development teacher. Students are provided with instruction in developmentally appropriate practices in accordance with guidelines established by the Montgomery County Public Schools.

The program’s curriculum is appropriate for the year before a child enters kindergarten. Children must be toilet trained. The Maryland Mandatory Kindergarten Law includes specific guidelines for dates of kindergarten enrollment for students with fifth birthdays. Since many different high school students will be teaching the preschoolers, the program is designed for the pre-kindergarten child who can cope with daily changes and flexible scheduling. Special education services are not provided through this program. Younger children will be considered as space allows. 

The Preschool Program is designed to provide an environment where children can develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. High school students are trained to provide individual attention that addresses the needs of each preschooler.  They ensure a warm, loving, kind environment with an exciting and adventuresome atmosphere.  We are committed to a safe, healthy environment where learning can take place.

For more information and application information please go our child development website: https://nicolerieland2.wix.com/svhs-cd