ESOL Department

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Welcome to Seneca Valley's ESOL department!


The ESOL program offers intensive English language classes at 5 levels: low beginning, high beginning, low intermediate, high intermediate and advanced.

Beginning students receive two ESOL classes daily. In addition to daily intensive English language instruction, students have many offerings: alternative courses in subjects such as social studies, math and science; basic skills classes in reading and math; and language lab. They also participate in mainstream classes.


  • Teaching students enough English to function successfully in the regular classroom.
  • Providing intensive basic skills instruction to those who have had little or no previous schooling.
  • Counseling those who are adjusting to a new school and community environment.
  • Assessing those suspected of having a handicapping condition.
  • Minimizing linguistic and cultural barriers to enable parents to participate in their children's education.

ESOL students come from a variety of cultural, linguistic, socioeconomic and academic backgrounds. Many ESOL students are children of refugees or recently arrived immigrants, and a growing number were born in the United States.

ESOL Resources

MCPS Division of ESOL/Bilingual Programs  

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