Student Resources


How can I access my Google account from home?
¿Cómo puedo acceder a mi cuenta de Google en casa?

Web Links For Students

Math Websites 

  3. Khan Academy
  4. Khan Academy Kids
  5. Greg Tang Math
  6. Math Playground   
  7.  Math Facts Cafe   
  8. Happy Numbers

Resources for Spanish Language Development

  1.  Á games, songs, literacy practice 
  2. based Spanish vocabulary  
  3.  Salsa-well known folktales in Spanish 
  4.  ¡Colorín Colorado!-articles and activities for bilingual families  
  5.  Música Educa  
  6.  The Cat in the Hat (PBS Kids)- vocabulary practice 
  8.  Spanish Songs    
  9.  Spanish Verb Drills   
  10.  Spanish Language and Culture
  11.  Storyplace La Biblioteca de Digital de Niños  


Science Websites