International Magnet Program

Spanish Immersion

Student Art The goal of the Partial Spanish Immersion program is to teach Spanish to English-speaking children. However, many Spanish-speaking children are also in this program as well. Students study math and science in Spanish; reading, language arts, and social studies are taught in English. Children joining the program in kindergarten receive full-day instruction in Spanish for the first year.

Approximately one third of Rolling Terrace students are enrolled in the Spanish Immersion program. Find out more  

Multicultural Literature

Multicultural LiteratureThe goal of the Multicultural Literature program is to support instruction which reflects the cultural diversity of the student population. Each year the collection is expanded with the purchase of additional literature, trade books, and reference materials. A curriculum specialist assists teachers in their planning and identifies resources which support daily classroom instruction -- instruction that acknowledges and respects the widely varied backgrounds of our students, and at the same time recognizes the common human concerns, needs, and feelings, which trancend these differences.

Extended Day

Students in fourth and fifth grades are encouraged to stay for an additional hour of instruction or free-choice activities two days a week. Bus transportation is provided.

Classes/activities offered in past school years included:

  • Hands-on Alegebra
  • Science Investigations
  • Reading/Book Clubs
  • Computer Keyboarding
  • International Hub
  • Remedial Math
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Ecology Club
  • Logic Club
  • Chess Club