About Rockwell Elementary School 

Rockwell Elementary School is part of the Damascus Cluster of Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland.  Who was Lois P. Rockwell? 

Visiting Rockwell

School Hours
Main Office
Kindergarten-Fifth Grade
PEP classes
AM 9:00 -11:30
PM 12:55-3:25
Early Release Days
9:00 -12:55

Montgomery County policy requires visitors to go to the school office first when visiting the school. Conferences with staff members should be scheduled in advance.

Parents volunteering any where in the school must sign into the volunteer logbook and wear a volunteer/visitor I.D. sticker.

The stickers and logbooks are located in the office. The I.D. sticker must be worn at all times while in the school.

This rule will be strictly enforced to ensure the security of our children. Please remember to sign out when leaving the school.


Mission Statement

We work as a team to foster enthusiasm and educate students to become life-long learners and responsible citizens. Through respect and cooperative efforts we achieve our goals.

Vision Statement

We envision Rockwell Elementary as a school where achievement goals are clear and well known by students, staff and parents. It’s a place where students and adults work together toward meeting and exceeding goals through hard work in an environment that fosters teamwork, a respect for diversity, and a core belief that every child can learn.

We envision students at Rockwell who enjoy learning, feel safe and secure, and work diligently to excel academically, physically, and artistically. We see students who demonstrate confidence in themselves and students who come to school with a positive attitude and ready to learn each day. We envision students at Rockwell who recognize and value strong character. We see students who demonstrate kindness, caring, respect, responsibility, and citizenship at school daily. We envision students who are engaged in the learning process and are aware of the learning expectations and their own personal growth and performance toward meeting learning goals. We see students regularly keeping record of their own achievements and setting learning goals together with parents and teacher. We see all students at Rockwell meeting or exceeding the Montgomery County Public Schools’ end of the year grade level benchmarks in reading (K-Level 4, 1st-Level 16, 2nd-Level M, 3rd-Level P, 4th-Level S, 5th-Level W). We see students at Rockwell performing at the proficient and advanced level on quarterly math assessments at each grade level. We see our second grade students performing at the 50th percentile or higher in all areas of the Terra Nova 2 assessment. We envision every student performing at the proficient or advanced level in Reading and Math on the Maryland State Assessments in grade 3, 4, and 5.

We envision a school staff at Rockwell who believes that all students can meet or exceed grade level expectations for learning and a staff that acts upon the belief that they can be key to helping each student find success. We see teachers who are clear about their students’ performances targets and teachers who utilize strategies for learning. We see teachers who are willing to adjust their teaching to match learners in their classrooms while keeping expectations for achievement high. We envision staff members at Rockwell who look critically at their own performance and who understand how their contributions affect the success of the school and the success of their students. We see a teaching staff who works collaboratively with others to better their teaching and their own knowledge of curriculum, child development, and teaching techniques and strategies.

We envision parents in the Rockwell school community who are active participants in their children’s school life by being well informed about learning and behavior expectations and their child’s own performance. We envision parents who act upon the belief that they play a critical role in their own child’s success in school. We envision that all parents feel welcome in the school and are present through volunteerism and family oriented programs and activities.

We envision that every student, staff member, and parent is proud to be a part of Rockwell Elementary School. We see all members of the school community working together to ensure that every child reaches their individual potential and becomes a productive member of the community and our society.

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