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The documents above are only available to MCPS students. You must use your student's MCPS issued Google Account to access online resources, Google Drive, Google Documents and Google Classroom. First open the Google Chrome browser and click Sign In. Next type in your student’s email/MCPS Google account username. Your student's Google account is his or her login number followed by For example: if your student's login number is 123456 then his or her Google username would be: If you only type your student’s number and do not type in the extension Google will fill in This will not work. Your student also has a password that is given to him or her by MCPS. He or she will need his/her password to access their account. If your child has forgotten their password, do not click the Forgot my password link. Instead email me for assistance. 

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Math Resources

Counting & Cardinality

Curious George Count Your Chickens
Rositas Fiesta
Curios George Busy Day
Counting to 50 by Ones
Add like a Pirate
Subtract like a Pirate

Addition & Subtraction within 100

Speed Grid Challenge
Math Playground
Line Jumper
Multiplication facts from 1-12
Brainormous Multiflyer
Brainormous Mikrostrike
Sum Sense Multiplication


Kids Numbers
Ken Ken Puzzles that make you smarter
Sheppard Software Math
Cave Run Multiplication
Quick Flash Multiplication Flash Card Practice
Super Math Multiplication Adventure
Math Playground
Harcourt eLabs (Grades 3-6)


Reading Resources


ABC Fast Phonics - letter sounds


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