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The school counselor will provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social development needs of all students in a safe, nurturing environment. Through collaboration with the school and community stakeholders, all students will be prepared academically and socially to contribute as productive leaders of society.

Rock View’s Counseling Program

Rock View has a comprehensive developmental counseling program. It is designed to support students through direct counseling services and the management of programs that strengthen the positive learning environment. All counseling related services facilitate the social/emotional growth of students in the areas of; self-awareness, relationship skills, social awareness, self-management and responsible decision making.

 Positive Learning Environment                                               Services 

Individual Counseling

One-on-one short term counseling support is available for all students in grades K - 5. This support is intended to address specific emotional, behavioral or social concerns. Students may self-refer or be referred by a staff member or parent. If you feel your child would benefit from speaking with the counselor, please contact me.

Small Groups

Small group counseling is offered to students to further support their personal and social development.  Small groups give students the opportunity to have additional social-emotional learning experiences.  In the small group setting, students are provided with an opportunity to try new skills, to express themselves in a supportive environment, and to benefit from the support of group members.

Based on the needs of the school, the following groups may be offered this school year.

Friendship- Children need the acceptance and support of their peers.  The friendship group is intended for students who would like to work on strengthen their friendship skills.  The group will focus on recognizing qualities that make a good friend, developing skills that help people connect and communicate better with others and learning strategies that can help when problems occur.

School Success Skills- Being successful in school is the foundation of a student’s future.  The school success skills group will strengthen skills that facilitate achievement.  Depending on the specific needs of the group, the focus may be on listening and attending, organization, study tips, homework tips, test taking tips or attitude.

Self-Concept- Building and maintaining a positive self-concept is important for being a happy, productive person.  In this group students will appreciate their strengths and the things they can do well. They will also develop positive thoughts and skills to handle difficult situations.

Anger Control- Intended for students who would like to work on managing their angry feelings in a positive way.  The group will explore the triggers of their anger and then build the skills to handle these situations more effectively.

If there is a particular group you believe your child would benefit from participating in, please call me at 240-740-0920. All groups are voluntary.

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Classroom guidance lessons are provided to students through their homerooms. Skills and competencies outlined in the MCPS Student Counseling Standards are taught. This year our focus is on problem solving skills, empathy and developing effective interpersonal communication skills. During the months of October and November, we will be delivering lessons related to personal body safety. Please look out for more information regarding those lessons soon.

Class Meetings

Students at Rock View participate in class meetings on a regular basis with their homeroom teachers.  The meetings are designed to build relationships, trust and solve issues that may arise in the classroom.

Advantages of class meetings:

Students and teachers get to know one another better

Gives each child a sense of belonging , community and self-worth

Increases respect and understanding

Each child has an opportunity to share. It allows quiet voices to be heard

Promotes integration into the group/prevents exclusion


Character Education

The Character Education program at Rock View is based on the Character Counts Program.  We have also included the trait of moral courage as an area of focus. Every morning the trait of the month is discussed and a related quote, challenge or reflective question is read.  Students also recite the “Personal Best” School Creed.  Our Wall of Fame is based on outstanding character.  Our principal, Ms. Alexander holds a lunch bunch for the Wall of Fame recipients.  Students are also recognized for deeds of outstanding character with a character kudos.  The kudos are read and discussed in the morning announcements and displayed on a bulletin board.


The character traits for each month are highlighted below:

September: Respect

October: Respect

November: Responsibility

December: Responsibility

January: Fairness

February: Caring

March: Caring

April: Trustworthiness

May: Moral Courage

June: Citizenship

Incentive and recognition programs

Star jar party- The Star Jar is a school-wide incentive program that rewards positive behaviors.  Students are given a star when they exhibit targeted behaviors.  Students have multiple opportunities to “earn” stars throughout the school day.  Once a month, we have a “Star Jar” party where 2-3 students from each class is picked out of their jar.

Character Kudos-   Students are recognized and reinforced for displaying behaviors that reflect the character traits. The kudos are written by staff members, read over the announcements and displayed in the school.

Road Runner Lines – Classes demonstrating good behavior in the hallways will be recognized by staff members around the building by receiving a verbal compliment,  and a roadrunner to add to their classroom collection.

Post Cards - Students will be recognized for their academic achievement, and effort by a referring staff member, by completing a post card. The student will have the opportunity to meet with Ms. Alexander to celebrate their achievements, and a postcard will be mailed home.



Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Strategies 

Lower Elementary Problem Solving Model

 Identify the problem. What is the problem?

 List the possible solutions. What can you do to solve this problem?

 If someone is bothering you – Use your DEBUG strategies.



 Move Away

Use “I Message”

Use Firm Talk

Get Adult Help

Upper Elementary Problem Solving Model

Win –Win Guidelines

Work it out Steps:

  1. Cool off
  2. Use “I Messages”
    •  I felt ___________ when you _______
    •  I want ___________
    •  I would appreciate it if________
  3. Brainstorm Solutions
  4. Pick the solution that works the best for everyone
  5. Affirm and thank or forgive


Upper Elementary Problem Solving Model





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