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Meet the Specialists & Support Staff


Samantha Platz (ESOL), Jacob Russo (Music), Meredith Luther (ESOL)

Full Time Specialists

  • Leela Payne (Art)
  • Shawn Moran (P.E.)
  • Joela Paik (Media Specialist)
  • Jacob Russo (Music)

Part Time Specialists

  • Lauren Palik (Art)
  • Betsy Steel (Art)
  • Ruth Marchese (Music)
  • Amy Cleaveland Bates (Music)
  • Damian Grasso (PE)
  • Kathleen O'Reilly (PE) 

Support Staff

  • Erica Kessler (Reading Specialist) (pictured below)
  • Stephanie Cromwell (Focus Teacher - 4th & 5th Grade Math)
  • Cybele Gagne (Academic Intervention - Reading + and Math + Classes)
  • Joelle Thompson (Staff Development)
  • Maureen Cutter (Speech Pathologist)
  • Amira Crockett (Speech Pathologist)
  • Bridget Harris (Physical Therapist)



Mrs. Kessler Reading Specialist


Resource Team 2014

Donna Gorjon, Caren Class, Dianna Thompson, and Cynthia Gewain


  • Melissa Gonzalez (Learning Center Coordinator)
  • Cynthia Gewain (Resource Teacher)
  • Diana Thompson (Home School Model)
  • Donna Gorjon (Speech Pathologist)
  • Ann Janik-Willis (Speech Pathologist)
  • Carrie Loney (Occupational Therapist)
  • Amy Koval (Physical Therapist)
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