Where have RM IB Graduates Gone? 

Click here for a chart of  college and university acceptances for our students. All the data in this chart is self-reported by the students. 


The International Baccalaureate Diploma and the College Search

One area of interest that parents and students alike ask about, is how the IB Diploma Program, and the IB Magnet at Richard Montgomery help students with their college and career planning.  Many wonder and worry about the impression that colleges and universities have about the IB and the IB Diploma credentials, specifically in comparison to Advanced Placement courses.   The IB Organization provide comprehensive information and material on their website, as well as a "Parent Pack" of materials specific to this topic, which is provided in the literature below.  In addition, please review the videos which include interviews with college and university admissions staff and IB graduates.  Their valuable testimonial shares why the IB is seen world-wide as one of the best college-preparatory programs available!


How familiar are universities with the different components of the IB Diploma Program?


What distinguishes IB students in the university application process?  


 How should students discuss their IB courses in their university application? 



Skills to take from the IB Diploma into your university experience.

How the Diploma Program prepare students to be successful in both the STEM fields and liberal arts.

Current Juniors and Seniors, you're invited to join the IB Student Registry! 

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 How to Make your IB Credentials Stand out on your College Application     

 Tips for Parents

You didn't get into Harvard, so what? 






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