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Our Vision

Ritchie Park Elementary School students, staff, parents, and community members will work together respectfully and cooperatively to create a safe, positive, inclusive, and academically rich environment.

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Our Mission

Our students will demonstrate academic excellence, independent thinking, and growth through the arts. Our staff will provide opportunities that challenge students to reach their potential while fostering the enjoyment of learning. Our parents will prepare students for learning and remain active in their children’s education. The Ritchie Park community will communicate openly, uphold the PAVE values, and share high expectations for self and others.

Panther Pledge

As a good citizen of Ritchie Park Elementary School, I will strive to . . .


1. show RESPECT by treating others (and their property) the way I want others to treat me (and my property).

2. show RESPONSIBILITY by being prepared, following directions, and doing my best.

3. show CARING by being kind to others.

4. show COOPERATION by working and playing well with others.

5. show HONESTY by telling the truth.

6. show MORAL COURAGE by making good choices no matter what other people say or do.


Download the Panther Pledge(PDF)


A Little History - Ritchie Park Then

Ritchie Park Elementary School (RPES) was built in 1965 and opened its doors to students in grades K-6 in September, 1966. The name “Ritchie Park” was the preliminary name given to the school site because of its proximity to the proposed Ritchie Parkway which was to be a circumferential road in the City of Rockville. Since the name provided a geographical location, Ritchie Park was officially approved by the Board of Education in 1966. The name “Ritchie” also carries political significance in the state of Maryland. Albert C. Ritchie served as its fifty-second governor from 1920 to 1936.
In 1996-97, Ritchie Park underwent a 4.2 million dollar modernization at which time 11,000 square feet of additional space was added along with global access technology and an upgraded gymnasium. The school was rededicated on May 3, 1998.

Ritchie Park Now - "One School : Many Cultures : One Community"

Ritchie Park currently houses 540 students, kindergarten through grade five. Students come from 28 countries and speak 26 different languages, making the school a very culturally rich community of learners.

Character Education

Character education is a pervasive theme in all aspects of school life at Ritchie Park and students have created mottos to accompany their panther mascot: “Panthers Admire Values in Everyone” and “PAVE the way to good character.” To further support character education goals, a “class compliment program” and “proud panther awards” were developed to reward students when they exemplify one or several of the six core values of respect, responsibility, caring, cooperation, honesty, and moral courage.