Service: Ambassadors

Description: Ambassadors are responsible for welcoming new students to Ritchie Park.

Sponsor (s): Ms. Sanchez

Service: Announcers

Description: Announcers make school-wide announcements over the Public Address (PA) system.

Sponsor (s): Mrs. New-Schneider

Service: Art Room Helpers

Description: Art Room Helpers help get the room ready for the day or cleaned up at the end of the day.

Sponsor (s): 

Service: Bus Helpers

Description: Bus Helpers make sure all students board the correct bus at dismissal. 

Sponsor (s): TBD

Service: Chorus Helpers

Description: Chorus Helpers help set up the cafeteria for the chorus students. 

Sponsor (s): 

Service: Media Aides

Description: Media aides help in the media center with a variety of tasks.

Sponsor (s): Mrs. Vincent

Service: Patrols

Description: Safety Patrols are responsible for keeping students safe in school, on the bus, and at the bus stop.

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Nelson and Ms. Vincent

Service: Equipment Managers

Description: Equipment Managers will help collect recess equipment and store it in the proper places.

Sponsor (s): TBD

Service: Green Team

Description: Green Team members promote the importance of recycling and conserving energy within the school building.

Sponsor (s): Mrs. Deutsch

Service: Learning Buddies

Description: Math Buddies are strong math students who help younger students with math.

Sponsor (s): Mrs. Neuringer

Service: Recycling Team 

Description: The Recycling Team promotes ways to protect the environment to the whole school community.

Sponsor (s): TBD