Fifth Grade

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Fifth Grade Websites   


  MP1:  Energy Sources Livebinder
  MP2:  Changes in United States Government Livebinder        Change Movement Website Links
  MP3:  Narrative Fiction Livebinder
  MP4:  Careers: Present and Future Livebinder



Make A Timeline


Social Studies Websites

Mount Vernon Trip Map Planner

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour

G. Washington's World for Kids

Mount Vernon Timeline

Martha Washington  

 Math Sites

That’s a Fact    Decimals place value
Product Game   Median/Mode

AAA Math

Cool Math   Harcourt E-Labs

 Reading Sites 

Time For Kids Website  African American Biographies
 Tumblebooks  Ben Carson-PBS




Science Sites 

Energy Sources Livebinder   




Biology for Kids

Cells Alive

Animal Cells



Eureka Science


Interactive Cell Model

  Inside a Cell

Basic Cell



How the cell is like a city

Tour of the Cell


Revolutionary War Webquest

Timeline of Revolution:

Revolutionary War Biography Links       Sally Wister


Colonial Economic Links

Colonial Trades

Colonial Williamsburg Trades


Stamp Acts 1765

PBS Kids

Why was the Stamp Act Offensive?

The Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions in1765
Townshend Acts 1767
Boston Massacre 1770

The Boston Massacre

Crispus Attucks
Boston Tea Party - 1773

The Tea Act -

Sons of Liberty

Eyewitness account:
Intolerable or Coercive Acts - 1774
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