Second Grade

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Second Grade Websites


Make a Timeline


Animal Websites:


Rainforest Animals                         Desert Animals                         Tundra Animals                                Forest Animals                              Ocean Animals                         Grassland Animals


MP1- Nutrition Learning Games

 Nutrition Café   Nutrition Sleuth,   Grab a Grape,   Have a Bite  

    Play the games to find the missing nutrient and to choose a good meal.

 Eat Well, Play Well     You can play games and learn facts about healthy eating and exercise
MyPlate Blastoff Game

    Great way to plan a meal and plan 60 minutes of activity a day.

Snackdown Smackdown    Lots of games to help you learn to be healthy
Go, Slow and Whoa Foods This article can read to you about which foods you can eat all the time.



Math Websites
AAA Math A+ Math Fun Brain
Harcourt School Fun School Puzzlemaker
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives     
Reading Websites


Magic Key HoughtonMifflin Grade 2  

MP3- Poetry Livebinder

Biography Websites 

Directions for  using Natural Reader and Encyclopedid Britannica

Important People

Web Links

Livebinder MP4

Abraham Lincoln


Benjamin Franklin

Christopher Columbus


Florence Nightingale


George Washington

George Washington Carver


Harriet Tubman


Harry Houdini


Helen Keller


Jesse Owens


John F. Kennedy


Martin Luther King, Jr.


Paul Revere


Thomas Edison



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