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                          Mr. Clay and Miss Reger

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This is Mr. Clay's tenth year teaching in MCPS. In his spare time, he loves playing sports and listening to music. His favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. He looks forward to seeing everyone in class, trying their best, and having fun!

Miss Reger teaches at Resnik on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is her second year as an art teacher.  Miss Reger enjoys printmaking and ceramics as well as reading books and spending time with family.  She looks forward to another fun, exciting, and creative year at Resnik!

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Below are art curriculum concepts and topics that students will be creating and on which they will be assessed. We'll take what the students already know, apply some new experiences/teachings, and challenge all students to create something fun, personal, and artistic.

           Art1_MP3                             ArtK_MP3                                Art2_MP3                                                                                              


  • We will be drawing, cutting, painting, creating sculptures and more revolved around the curriculum themes: Ready for School (Theme 1 - Children learn the expectations, routines, and behaviors of school); and My Family (Theme 2 - Children learn, talk, read, and write about family members, family roles, and unique qualities of families).


  • Art room routines / Drawing pre-assessment
  • Line: Identification, direction, movement
  • Shape: Identification, attributes
  • Color: Identification, primary
  • Color: Identification, secondary, mixing
  • Line / Shape / Color


  • Safety and responsibility in the art room
  • Safety and responsibility in the art room/Line (direction, types), shape (organic,geometric), and color (expressing personal meaning)
  • Form (3-D, geometric, organic/Reasons for creating art
  • Illustrators and communicating ideas (theme and content)
  • Creation and response to artwork using art vocabulary


  • Safety and responsibility in art class/Line (direction), shape (organic, geometric), and color (warm, cool)
  • Line, shape, and color to communicate meaning
  • Communication of ideas and feelings
  • Space (overlapping, background, foreground, horizon line)
  • Evaluation of art


  • Safety and responsibility in art class/Review of art elements and design principles
  • Theme and content of artwork
  • Use of art elements and design principles to achieve a desired result (sources for ideas and design steps)


  • Safety and responsibility in art class/Art elements and design principles in the creation of unified works of art/Criteria for judging art
  • Theme, content, form, style: point of view and mood/Criteria for judging art


  • Safety and responsibility in art class/Composition and theme
  • Artists' style: expression and human experience/Evaluation of artwork
        Art3_MP3                      Art4_MP3                      Art5_MP3                                                                     
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