Health Room 

General Information 

Phone:  240-740-3242

Mayra Borja (Montgomery County DHHS Nurse)

Seble Megra (Montgomery County DHHS Health Tech)

Important Forms  

MCPS Form 525-12          Authorization to Provide Medically Prescribed Treatment  

                                             Autorización para Proveer a Tratamiento Médico Prescrito

MCPS Form 525-13          Authorization to Administer Prescribed Medication

                                             Autorización para Suministro de Medicamento Recetado  

MCPS Form 525-14          Emergency Care for the Management of a Student with Anaphylaxis 

                                             Atención de Emergencia para Estudiantes con Anafilaxia 

MCDHHS 3138                  Allergy and Anaphylaxis Letter  

MCPS Form 525-17          Dental Health Card 

MCPS SR-6                       Maryland Schools Record of Physical Examination  

                                            Escuelas de Maryland, Registro de Examen Físico

MCDHHS 3213 C              School Asthma Management Plan                      

                                             Plan de Asma 

 When to Keep Your Child Home From School 

                                            Blood Lead Testing Letter 

DHMH 4620                      Blood Lead Testing Certificate 

                                            Certificado de Prueba de Plomo en Sangre

FS-6                                  Head Lice (Pediculosis)

FS-7a                                How to Check Your Child's Head for Lice                        


The Health Room at Resnik is very fortunate to have families who are willing to donate items for the times a child needs a change of clothes while at school. We are in need of a few donations to replenish the following supplies: 

  • Boys and girls brand new packs of underwear in sizes 4, 5 or 6 
  • Gently used clean sweat pants (smaller sizes of 4, 5, or 6) 
  • Girls leggings in a variety of sizes
We truly appreciate your generosity!